Soviet Cinema

Film production in the USSR. Page 12.


   The first issue of 1938, released in January, is centred on Soviet cinema. It places importance not only on the art of cinema, but the industrial aspects as well, emphasizing statistics. The issue also includes a number of smaller pages.

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Bibliographic InformationStalin demonstrating his appreciation. Page 36.

USSR in Construction, Illustrated Monthly Magazine

Issue 1, January, 1938.

Issued in five languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish, and German. 

Edited by A. V. Kosarev (chief editor), E. S. Yezhova (assistant chief editor), S. V. Uritsky.

Plan and text by V. Katayev and A. Macheret.

Photos by G. Petrusov, with some by M. Alpert, B. Kudoyarov, M. Oshurkov, Soyuzphoto, Mosfilm and Soyuzkinokhronika.

Artist: N. Troshin.

English by A. Fineberg.

The State Publishing House of Graphic Arts.  Paper, colours, and printing by Goznak.


The cinema is a tool for mass communication. Pages 5-6.


The importance of industry to the cinema. Pages 09-10.


The marvels of make-up. Pages 21-22.