Election of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR


Two boys play trumpets in celebration in front of a monument. Page 29.



   Issue 4 of 1938 was published in April. It emphasizes the right of all citizens to vote, particularly focusing upon youth and women. There are numerous depictions of average citizens casting their votes.

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Bibliographic InformationCover of Issue 4, April 1938.

USSR in Construction, Illustrated Monthly Magazine

Issue 4, April, 1938.


Issued in five languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish, and German. 

Editorship of A. V. Kosarev (chief editor), E. S. Yezhova (assistant chief editor), S. B. Uritski.

Plan and text by V. M. Gusev and P. A. Pavlenko.

Verses by V. M. Gusev, Translated by Isidor Schneider.

Artists – A. Rodchenko and Barbara Stepanova.

Photos by M. Alpert, G. Zelma, M. Kalashnikov, M. Penson, N. Petrov, Mikh. Prekhner, A. Rodchenko, P. Troshkin, M. Troyanovsky, A. Shaikhet, A. Sterenberg and Soyuzphoto.

English by A. Fineberg. 

Published by The State Publishing House of Graphic Arts.  Paper, colours, and printing by Goznak.


The whole country studied the electoral law and discussed the candidates. Pages 16-17.


Various speeches presented at the election. Pages 20-21.


Celebrations during the election. Pages 26-27.