Kiev's principal thoroughfare, the Kreshchatik. Page 16.


   While the pages designating the theme for the combined November/December 11/12 issue of 1938 are missing, the focus of the journal is on Kiev, the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Highlights include panoramic views of the city and a multi-page foldout.

   The back cover of this issue is missing, therefore there is limited bibliographic information available. 

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 Kiev on the Dnieper; page 47.


Bibliographic Information

USSR in Construction, Illustrated Monthly Magazine. 

Issued in five languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish, and German.

Issue 11/12, November/December, (combined), 1938. 

Published by the State Art Publishing House. 





         The assembly house of the Ukraine SSR; page 14.             The revival of folk art; page 39.     


Ancient buildings around Kiev; pages 7-8.


The younger generation of Kiev; pages 36-37.