Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic

 Cover of Issue 3.


   In March, 1938, Issue 3 was released. The issue is a profile of the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic, which is now modern day Kyrgyzstan located in central Asia. Emphasis is equally divided between different aspects of the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic, including natural resources, agriculture, education, arts and culture, and politics. It is unique from other issues in its graphic design, which features curlicues and other such graphical elements.

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A mother in a Kirghiz hospital and Kirghiz family life. Page 17.

Bibliographic Information

USSR in Construction, Illustrated Monthly Magazine

Issue 3, March, 1938

Issued in five languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish and German.

Editorship of A. V. Kosarev (chief editor), E. S. Yeshova (assistant chief editor), S. B. Uritski.

Photos by M. Alpert.

Plan and text by El-Registan.

Artist S. Telingater.

Map of the Kirghiz SSR by N. I. Yegorov.

English by A. Fineberg.

The State Publishing House of Graphic Arts.  Paper, colours, and printing by Goznak.




 Two Kirghiz girls working in a factory. Page 28.            A young man holds a flag. Page 38.



A festival celebrated when the Kirghiz head to the mountains. Pages 20-21.


A Kirghiz airman, and guarding the Kirghiz border. Pages 32-33.