Soviet Railways

A man working a switchboard. Page 19.



   In July of 1938, issue 7 was published. The issue highlights Soviet railways, focusing not only upon the founders, but the workers and passengers as well.

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Bibliographic Information

USSR in Construction, Illustrated Monthly Magazine

Issue 7, July 1938.A train of the USSR. Page 3.

Issued in five languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish, and German. 

Under the editorship of A. V. Kosarev (chief editor) and E. S. Yezhova (assistant editor).

Plan and text by L. Nikulin.

Photos chiefly by A. Shaikhet, with some by A. Matveyev, Mikh, Prekhner, A. Tartakovsky and others.

Artist – N. Troshin.

Chart by Z. Deineka.

The State Publishing House of Graphic Arts.  Paper, colours, and printing by Goznak.



Freight trains. Pages 12-13.


Trainyards. Pages 16-17.


Train yards. Pages 28-29.