Fortieth Anniversary of the Moscow Art Theatre


Celebration of the Fortieth Anniversary of the Moscow Art Theatre. Page 3.


   The Fortieth Anniversary of the Moscow Art Theatre is celebrated in issue 9, the September 1938 issue. Notable playwrights, actors, performances, and plays are showcased in a layout that is relatively gridlike.

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Bibliographic Information

USSR in Construction, Illustrated Monthly Magazine

Issue 7, July 1938.Maxim Gorky's play "Smug Citizens" was performed in 1902. Page 17.

Issued in five languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish, and German. 

Under the editorship of A. V. Kosarev (chief editor) and E. S. Yezhova (assistant editor).

Plan and text by L. Nikulin

Photos chiefly by A. Shaikhet, with some by A. Matveyev, Mikh, Prekhner, A. Tartakovsky and others

Artist – N. Troshin

Chart by Z. Deineka

The State Publishing House of Graphic Arts.  Paper, colours, and printing by Goznak.


Scenes from various plays. Pages 26-27.


Various scenes from the play "A Warm Heart." Pages 28-29.


Prominent actors and actresses of the Art Theatre. Pages 54-55.