Aboriginal Peoples Survey, 2006: Adults

Public Use Microdata File

Year:2008 [prod]
Subjects:Aboriginal, Census of Population, Social Sciences
Restrictions:DLI License, Restricted to U of S faculty, staff and students

Available from:NotesHelp
ODESI [Online] Aboriginal Peoples Survey, 2006 [Canada]: Adults (APS) Info
U of S Data Archive ASCII data files. SPSS & SAS command files. Info

Codebooks & Documentation

Aboriginal Peoples Technical Report, 2006 Census, Second Ed. (PDF)

APS, 2006: Concepts and Methods Guide (PDF)

APS, 2006: Questionnaire and Arctic Supplement (PDF)

APS, 2006: Questionnaire and MActis Supplement (PDF)

APS, 2006: User's Guide to the Public Use Microdata File (PDF)


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