Additional Resources

Biographical Information

Geological Survey of Canada. Natural Resources Canada.

"Hiebert, Paul G" at the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online.

Paul Hiebert in the Canadian Encyclopedia.

Paul Hiebert in the Manitoba Author Publication Index.

Sarah Binks biographical entry in the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan

Online analysis

Klein, Traute. "Sarah Binks Translates Heine." Heritage German. 1 October 2010. A fan site that talks about Sarah and her translations of Heine.

Noonan, Gerald. "Incongruity and Nostalgia in Sarah Binks." Studies in Canadian Literature. 3.2 (1978): N.P. Accessed 18 October 2010

Snorton Critical Edition of a poem called "Piggy" by Mrs. Walter Buchanan. This has nothing to do specifically with Sarah Binks, but is parody/academic satire of bad poetry in much the same vein as Sarah, and is, in a way, indebted to Hiebert's brand of satire.

Stemp-Morlock, Graham. The Lyrical Pyrotechnical Review of Sarah Binks by Paul Hiebert. The Stephen Leacock Project. Accessed 26 January 2012. New!

Other Archives

Paul G. Hiebert fonds at the University of Manitoba Archives Special Collections.

Additional Binksiana

Donkin, Eric Albert. The Wonderful World of Sarah Binks. Find Eric's entry at The Canadian Encyclopedia here.

Hiebert, Paul. "Avenues of Research Suggested by the Fletchers Castoria Box." Canlit 100 (Spring 1984): 139-146. New!

---. For the Birds. Winnipeg: Peguis, 1980.

Greer, John. Sarah Binks Song Book.

Digital Tools

Wordle is a digital visualisation tool that creates a word cloud from a selection of text with more frequent words appearing as larger words in the image.
The following are Wordles of Sarah Binks and Willows Revisited drafts respectively. This visualisation does not answer all researcher questions, but helps a researcher to pose them, or sometimes, as might be the case here when nothing interesting seems to come from these Wordles, can reinforce current criticism.

Additionally, there is Tag Crowd