MSS 3.2, I. Letters and Manuscripts


Box 1.

Series I. Irving Layton Letters & Manuscripts


1.      Drafts of poems. - 1977. - 1 cm of textual records.
-File consists of 9 items that show revisions from initial concepts to finished poems. Included are the following titles: "Sunfllight", "Tropical Flowers", "The Mockingbird", "Sand Crab", "The Journey", "Eden", "The Hex", "Yeats in St. Lucia", "Carib King", and "65 Year Old Flower Child [?]" (first line: "Outside my room").

2.      Drafts of poems. - 1943-1999. - 5.5 cm of textual material. - 2 folders.
-File includes drafts of the following poems: "The Massacre (for Pierre Elliott Trudeau), "Opiums", "Princess Anna" and "A Shout in the Storm".

Also included: The Drunken Boat, Rimbaud, 1952. (End papers contain draft of Layton poem).
-The Poet's Way of Knowledge, Lewis, C. Day, Cambridge University Press, 1957 (End papers contain draft of poem and essay by Irving Layton)
-Person, Place and Thing, Karl Shapiro, Reynal & Hitchcock, 1942. (Signed, "Irving Layton" End papers contain two drafts of poem about Petawawa. Also, on p.5, draft of 'Epitaph for a Poet' dated Jan. 25, 1943.
-Draft of Chapter 7 of Layton autobiography Waiting for Messiah
-Articles about Irving Layton
-Telegram from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, September 4, 1957, inviting Irving Layton to participate in "Fighting Words" TV program

3.      Correspondence (Max Layton & Irving Layton; Max Layton and Musia Schwartz). -  1991-2001. - 2.5cm of textual records.
-File includes correspondence between Max Layton and Musia Schwartz are printouts of email.

4.      Correspondence: Irving Layton to Boschka Layton. - 1951-1980. - 5 mm of textual records.
-File contains 28 letters, 1 postcard, 1 telegram, 1 draft poem (1951), separation judgment, Quebec Superior Court.

5.   Correspondence: Irving Layton to Max Layton. - 1963-1968. - 5 mm of textual records.
-File includes 16 letters, 5 postcards, 1 "contract" (with Marion Wagschal), 1 photograph (Irving Layton in Ydra, Greece).

6.      Drafts of poems and foreword. - 1977. - 1.2 cm of textual records.
- File contains 27 items, poems and two drafts of a Foreword. The poems often show revisions over various editions. Titles include:  "Grand Finale", "Medusa", "The Harvest", "To Victims of the Holocaust", "Night Music", "For Rabbi Schachter", "Two Women", "Late Invitation to the Dance", "Sunstroke", 'Argument for Theism", "England 1977", "The Cross", "The [Prize ?]", "The True Fiction", "Safety Measures", "Fascination", "Before the Millennium Comes", "Provender", "Unpopular Argument for Theism", "For Artemis", "Madman on Mithymna Beach", "Trapped Faun", "News from Nowhere", "Overheard in a Lavabo", "Fascination", "Two Women I've Known", "The Malediction", "Natural Selection", "For 751-0329", "Figs", "Hangover", "The Question".

7.      Correspondence: Boschka Layton to Max Layton. - December, 1964 to January, 1972. - 1.5 cm of textual and photographic material.
-26 letters; 3 postcards; 1 poster; 1 envelope of photographs (12 in total); 1 letter from Boschka Layton to Irving Layton.

8.   Poetry Notebook. - 1951-[1953?]. - 1.5 cm of textual records.
-Notebook (18 cm x 23 cm) contains drafts of poems, those with titles include: "Summer Evening", "Summer Idyll", "America 1953", "Where the light fell upon it", "News From Home", "Lies", "Contrast", "Two Poets in Transit" ; music and lyrics with guitar tablature, included is Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" (the lyrics do not appear to be in Layton's hand and call into question the dates on the notebook); a tally of some kind associated with various poets on back inside cover.

9.      Correspondence: Irving Layton to Max Layton. 1977-2000. - 1.5 cm of textual material.
-12 letters (includes emails and documents re placing Irving Layton in retirement home); 7 postcards; 1 letter from Irving Layton to Allan Walker (The Canadian); newspaper articles about Irving Layton; Irving Layton's notarized grant of power of attorney; Irving Layton's signed financial arrangement re Anna Pottier.

10.  Correspondence re limited edition Love Poems. - 1977-1978. - 1 cm of textual records and etchings.

-Draft of foreword from Love Poems; 3 letters from Irving Layton to Max Layton; drafts of poems and foreword; proof Graham Coughtry's etching plates destroyed; letters; memos from Jack McClelland.

11.  Correspondence: Max Layton to Irving Layton. - July, 1961 to August, 1977. - 2.5 cm of textual records.
-61 letters; 3 postcards. Correspondence regarding Max's travels, various work, relationships and living conditions, the well-being (financial and physical) of his mother, attempts to obtain money for her,

12.  Adams Thesis - May, 1971 - 1.5 cm of textual records.
-File includes thesis entitled "The Poetic Theories of Irving Layton: A Study in Polarities", by Richard Adams. Submitted to the Department of English, the University of New Brunswick; 5 page letter to Layton from Adams discussing the thesis.