V. Material about Irving Layton published by others


MSS 3 Box 3

V. Material about Irving Layton published by others.

1. Queen's Quarterly. Vol. 62, no. 4 (Winter, 1956) includes "The Fertile Muck" a poem and a review of Layton's recent poetry by A. J. M. Smith. Vol. 63, no. 2 (Summer, 1956) includes "Layton now and Then" by Louis Dudek.

2. University of Toronto Quarterly Vol. 26, no. 3 (April 1957) includes Poetry reviews for 1956 by Northrop Frye.

Vol. 31, no. 4 (July 1962) Poetry review for 1961 by Milton Wilson.

3. Alphabet no. 3 (December 1961) includes Geoffrey Ran's review of Layton's Swinging Flesh.

4. Teangadoir. Series 2, vol. 5 (November 1961) mimeographed. Includes "Five-Drake" an interview with Irving Layton on Jewish writers in Canadian Literature.

5. Dalhousie Review n.d.

a. Includes A. D. Hope's book review of I. Layton's A red Carpet for the Sun.

b. Includes E. W. MandelVs book review of I. Layton's A laughter in the Mind.

6. Tarmarack Review, Autumn 1959.

Includes E. Mandel's book review of I. Layton's A Red Carpet for the Sun.

7. Saturday Night   October 24, 1959.

Includes a short article discussing I. Layton's poetry.

8. Hugh Kenner on the Work of Irving Layton In Poetry (Chicago) September 1959. This is a book review of Irving Layton's A Laughter in the Mind.

9. Newspaper clippings about I. Layton

a. The Georgian March 4, 1958 "Layton Lashes Western Spiritual Decline" by Tevia Abrams.

b. Congress Bulletin May 1959 "Layton-Strong Voice in Canaian Poetry"

by William C. Williams

c. Brunswickan January 22, 1960 "Irving Layton versus Dave Fairbairn" by Dave Fairbairn.

d. Monitor March 17, 1960 "Canadian not aware of tradition", Layton by Nat Bernstein,

e. McGilT Daily November 17, 1961. "Layton Enumerates Enemies" by Boyle Schecter.  

f. Toronto Daily Star, December 23, 1961 "Irving Layton" 

g. Free Press 1962 "Eichmann should Make Lecture Tour, Says Poet" by Pat Benham.

h. Loyola News March 16, 1962 "The News talks to Irving Layton, the Montreal Poet" by Martin Sherwood.

 i. Saskatoon Star-Phoenix   November 8, 1965 "Layton claims Canadians  repressed, lacking in passion" by Paul Jackson.