VI. Irving Layton Manuscripts


MSS 3 Box 4

VI. Irving Layton Manuscripts

1. Machiavelli.   1938 10 p. essay.

2. Notebook containing lecture notes and drafts of poems, [ca. 1944?] ms.


p1-5 Lecture notes on Plato & Athens.

p6-8 Drafts of poem - first line "From the reeling autobus I see", titled Street Scene then A vision

p9 Lecture note on Hamlet

plO-12 Lecture notes on educational problems in a changing world.

p13-27 Drafts of poems finally titled Teacher, earlier titles Re-union, Schoolmaster

p28-34 Drafts of poem finally titled Philosophy 34

p35 The literary life; hateful verses draft

p36-44 Overhead in a barbershop various drafts with changing titles.

p45 A booklist

p46-50 Overhead in a barbershop further drafts.

p51-52 Education draft

p53 Draft of poem - first line "What the wind said"

p54-55 Blank

p66 A timetable and further draft of Philosophy 34


3. Undated drafts [ca. 1955] all prose items.

a. The poet in Canada typescript with ms. annotations. 3 1. notes for a talk.

b. Wanted a new vocabulary typescript with ms. title & annotations 1 1.

c. An open letter to Louis Dudek, typescript carbon 4 1.

d. A Dominion Day address  mimeographed with ms. title 3 1.


4. Music on a Kazoo [ca. 1956] typescript draft of book for ms. annotations.

5. Commonplace book, cover dated October 29, 1958. ms. Contents:

p1 Notes of expenses in Paris

p2-5 In praise of benefactors drafts with changing title & diary entries of Paris visit.

p6 Blank

p7-78 The day Aviva came to Paris various drafts, incl. 2 blank pages

p79-81 Blank.

p82-85 Women of Rome various drafts 

Remainder blank.

6. Notebook kept during visit to Europe [1958] ms.


p1-16 The day Aviva came to Paris various drafts, incl.

p2 blank pages and 1 of financial calculations.

p17-18   In praise of benefactors drafts variously titled

p19-66 Blank

p67-77 The day Aviva came to Paris drafts.

p78-88   Piazzo San Marco drafts variously titled.

p89-108 Women of Rome various drafts, incl. 2 blank pages

p109-119 Blank except for an address in unidentified hand.

p119-121 Diary entries of Italian trip.

p122 Blank

p123-124 Diary entry of day in Rome Remainder blank.

7. The bull calf and other poems dated March 5, 1956. Typescript draft of book with ms. annotations.

8. Poetry outlets in Canada dated Montreal, 1957.   ms. 5 1. Prose article.

9. A laughter in the mind. [1958] typescript draft of book with slight ms. annotations.

10. Dislocation ms. draft and typescript 28 p. and 23 1. short story Published in shortened reviews form with title Osmeck in Canadian Forum February, 1961 and in his The swinging Flesh, 1961.

11.  Mrs. Polinov and A plausible story the latter dated October 21,1951. typescript drafts 21   1 and 16 1. short stories Mrs. Polinov published in Origin (Fall/ Winter 1955/56); both published in The swinging flesh, 1961.

12. Balls for an one-armed juggler typescript draft of book published1964.

13. Collection of poems and short stories.

i) Holograph poems, in draft, in pencil, on back of dust jacket of The Complete Bible, with Apocrypha (Smith & Goodspeed). Poems are: "An Old Poet Complains" (3 drafts); "On a Certain Canadian Author"; "Riposte"; "Bargain"; "On Reading Spender's Collected Poems" (2 drafts)

ii) "The Dwarf." Holograph draft and final typescript. (4 pages).

iii) "Spikes". Holograph drafts (3), and "Flat Lux." holograph and typescript, all these stapled together, one draft of "Flat Lux being on back of draft of "Spikes".

iv) "Real Estate Room".   Typescript, no emendations.

v) "Psychosoma" (two lines) Typescript, no emendations.

vi) "The Birth of Tragedy", typescript, title crossed out in pencil, Nietzsche written in pencil under title and crossed out.

vii) "Early Morning in Cote St. Luc" typescript, one emendation,.

viii) "Winter Fantasy", typescript, one emendation.

ix) Manuscript of In the Midst of My Fever, various emendations in pencil, including, on the reverse side of the title poem's last page a note to Raymond Souster beginning, "Here's a long one that I hope you can use", and praising some of Souster's poems as "Great."

x) Manuscript of The Improved Binoculars (title page missing,) emendations in blue and red ink.   I am not sure if this was final version, or complete,

ix) "My Brother, Irving", dated Sept. 22, 1954, short story (2 1/4 pages in blue and red ink.) Plus a few other jottings, written in a Sir George Williams College exam book.

xii) Drafts, in pencil, of "The Cold Green Element", numbering 10 in all, with final typescript.   Also on reverse of first page a poem called "Turnabout", typescript with emendations. Contained in Sir George Williams College exam book, dated July 16, 17, 1954.