Call No.

"City (PO 1892- ) southeast of Weyburn on #18, #39 and #47, headquarters for the RM(Rural Municipality) of ESTEVAN No. 5.
After George Stephen and William Cornelius van Horne of the CPR. George Stephen, first baron Mount Stephen (1829-1921), was the president of the Bank of Montreal 1876-81. With Donald Smith and J.J. Hill, he bought the St. Paul Minneapolis and Manitoba railway in 1874 and used it as a launcing pad for the CPR. He was the first president of CP, 1880-88 , and more than anyone else it was he who arranged the massive financing needed to complete the line in 1885. Sir William Cornelius Van Horne (1843-1915) was an american who was brought to Montreal by Stephen as CP's general manager in 1882. His drive, energy and verve got the line built. He succeeded Stephen as CPR president, 1888-99, and built the company into a world class communications corporation. Van Horne was instrumental in launching Canadian Pacific Steamships, the famous Empress Line, and starting Canadian Pacific Hotels."
-from People Places courtesy of Bill Barry