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Pacific Avenue, Qu'Appelle, Sask., Canada

"Town (Post Office 1884- ) west of Indian Head on [highway] #35.

After the river and its beautiful valley. Known as the Calling River to the early English traders, it derives its name from a Cree legend of a spirit which travels up and down it. The Indians told Daniel Harmon (1804) that they often heard a voice distinctly ressembling the cry of a human being. 'kâ-têpwêt?' 'who calls?' or 'qui appelle?' was their response... Hudson's Bay Company's Qu'Appelle Lakes Post was located near here, 1854-64. The first Post Office in the district was TROY..., after the ancient Greek city. When the Canadian Pacific Railway arrived it became QU'APPELLE STATION (1884-1902), followed by SOUTH QU'APPELLE. It was not until 1911 that an agreement was reached between the two communities whereby the station site became QU'APPELLE, while the village in the valley would be FORT QU'APPELLE."

-from People Places courtesy of Bill Barry