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"Known as the Calling River to the early English traders, it [the Qu'Appelle river and valley] derives its name from a Cree legend of a spirit which travels up and down it. The Indians told Daniel Harmon (1804) that they often heard a voice distinctly ressembling the cry of a human being. 'kâ-têpwêt?' 'who calls?' or 'qui appelle?' was their response. E. Pauline Johson, the famed Mohawk poet, dressed up the legend and filled it with Victorian notions of romance. In her version, a young Indian swain heard his name while crossing one of the lakes and replied, 'Who calls?' Only his echo could be heard (hence Echo Lake, etc.) and he realized it had been his bride-to-be calling out his name at the instant of her death. Despite its lack of historical authenticity, it is the romantic version that holds sway today."

-from People Places Courtesy of Bill Barry

Qu'Appelle Valley scene near Regina.