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The following correspondence is available online:MSS 4 22 IX.H 13

MSS 4 Box 22

10. George Bowering to A. Purdy 1963-1965. Correspondence pertaining to Bowering's living conditions in Vancouver and Calgary, a general discussion of the works of some Canadian poets and writers, and a few poems written by George Bowering.

Bukowski drawing

13. Charles Bukowski to A. Purdy, 1965. Most of the correspondence pertains to autobiographical notes on Bukowski's drinking habits, his philosophy, and his literary work. Many of Bukowski's letters are decorated with coloured sketches/designs. There is also a clipping from Vieux Carre Courier dated May 28, 1965 re Bukowski.

29. Ralph Gustafson to Al Purdy, 1964. Correspondence pertaining to a few comments on the works of Canadian poets.

43. Irving Layton to Al Purdy, 1954-64. Correspondence pertaining to Purdy's request for some of Layton's unpublished poems, Layton sending copies of some of his books to Purdy, Layton wishing for more time to write poetry, criticisms of some of Purdy's poetry, and a general discussion of the literary works of Canadian poets.

55. Jay Macpherson to Al Purdy, 1959-1964. Correspondence pertaining to the publication of some of Purdy's books and poems.

66. Alden Nowlan to Al Purdy, 1962. Purdy requesting Nowlan for some of his poems, which are to be included in an anthology.

71. Desmond Pacey to Al Purdy, 1963-1964. Comments of some of Purdy's poems.

MSS 4 Box 23

I. A. Purdy Letters

1. Al Purdy to Eurithe Purdy, n.d. Correspondence pertaining to A. Purdy's trip to the Arctic, a discussion of the poems and articles he has written, and a discussion of domestic issues such as the sale of their house.

2. A. Purdy to Others, 1963-71. Correspondence pertaining to the publication of Purdy's poems and books, Purdy's request for an application for a Senior Arts Fellowship a letter to his mother, a discussion or criticism of the literary works of some poets such as R. Souster and J. Ried, Purdy's appointment as a Visiting Associate Professor at Smion Fraser University, and Purdy's poetry readings at various universities.

K. Addendum Letter: Letter to Clarence Tracy, Head of the English Department at the University of Saskatchewan, dated 1965.