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MSS 4 Box 8.

II. Published Material. A. Poems

MSS 4.8.II.A.2. Scrapbook. A scrapbook containing poems from various Canadian periodicals along with a number of letters from Lorne Pierce, B.K. Sandwell, Arthur Bourinot, and William Macnab Booth, telling Al Purdy of the acceptance of his poem "Bubo Virginianus" for second prize in the 1950 A. Louisa Peacock and Macnab Awards. These letters also refer to the publication of certain poems or an appraisal of their worth. A number of reviews of Purdy's books and poetry are also included. Most of this material pertains to the period during the 1940s and 1950s.

MSS 4 Box 11.

II. Published Material. F. Magazines Edited by Al Purdy:

MSS 4. 11.II. F.1. Moment Magazine. Issue 1. "Moment Magazine, edited by A.W. Purdy and Milt Acorn. This is a way out type magazine which prints poetry, opinion, or fiction... especially good stuff that nobody else will use" (from stapled cardboard covered draft). Printed in Montreal (1959). Three issues printed: Moment 1, Moment 2, Moment 3.

Issue 2.

Issue 3.

III. Reviews of Purdy's Literary Works. A. Books:

MSS 4. 11. III. A. 1. North of Summer scrapbook. This file contains a typescript (carbon copy) draft and newspaper clippings of the reviews of North of Summer. Purdy also compiled a scrapbook of reviews and correspondence pertaining to the publication of North of Summer. Correspondence contains very favourable comments regarding the work.

MSS 4. 11.III. A.2. Review of Purdy's work. Emu, remember! This book was reviewed by Samuel J. Hazo, Raymond Ashdown, and Lachlan MacDonald

MSS 4. 11. III. A.3. Poems for all the Annettes. This book was reviewed by: S.G. Mullins for the Quebec magazine Culture; B.W. Jones for Queen's Quarterly; H. Howith for Canadian Author and Bookman; R. MacDougall for Montreal Star; E.W. Mandel for Canadian Forum; Phyllis Webb for Canadian Literature; Alan Bevan for Evidence;

MSS 4. 11. III. A.5. The blur in between. Reviewed for Canadian Poetry and Canadian Author and Bookman.Milton Wilson for Letters in Canada.

MSS 4. 11. III. A.6. Pressed on sand. For the Montreal Gazette.

MSS 4. 11. III. A.6 The Cariboo Horses. Reviewed for Canadian Author & Bookman and Time. Vol 85., No. 22, May 28, 1965, P. 11.

III. Reviews of Purdy's Literary Works. B. Plays:

MSS 4. 11. III. B.1. "Point of transfer." The play was reviewed by Herbert Whittaker for The Globe and Mail; July 12; 1962.

III. Reviews of Purdy's Literary Works. C. Poems:

MSS 4. 11. III. C.1. Dormez Vous?. "A poem for D-Day". Reviewed for CBC Times Volume 16; Number 49; 1964; page 8.

MSS 4. 11. III. C.2. "Prayer for paratroopers." Reviewed By J. Buckley.

MSS 4. 11. III. C.3 "The Lost Sea." by Jan de Hartog - Adaptation for CBC stage by Alfred Purdy.

Other Purdy Material.

I. From the Shortt Collection:

English Faculty versus Students Hockey Game. Signed limited edition of English Faculty versus Students Hockey Game broadside. New + full text searchable!