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The following archival records have been digitized and are available online: 

Box 8. VIII. I. 1.  Basran, (Dr.) G. S.
Correspondence re preparation to secure the nomination of Sorokin for the presidency of the American Sociological Association. Most of the correspondence seems to have been circulated among the following sociologists: C.A. Anderson, W.Firely, H. Blumer, Chas P. Loomis, William H Sewell, Dudley Duncan, R.K. Merton and T. Lynn Smith. Basran seems to have been the collector of this correspondence.

Box 9. IX. A-8.  Ala'i, (Dr.) Hesmat. Correspondence re: Ala'i's Viability series; altruism, love and the prevalent preoccupation with monetary wealth and Ala'i's viability theory.

Box 9. IX. A-12. Allen, (Prof) Phillip J.  Lists of contributors to Pitirim A. Sorokin in review; photostat of Huxley's refusal to contribute to the volume; outside readers' evaluation of the manuscript; and permission to quote from published sources. Correspondence re: a proposed a proposed volume on Sorokin's sociology together with accompanying difficulties in finding contributors and a publisher; Sorokin's "feuds" with some of his collegues; translations of Sorokin's works; Toynbee's manuscript contributed for the volume; Sorokin's contributions to the volume; articles submitted by others; olume XII of Toynbee's Study of History; Festschrift volume in Sorokin's honor; Sorokin's attendence at Salzburg Congress; advertising the review volume on Sorokin's sociology; reawakening of Sorokin's works; Sorokin's autobiography and other recent writings; Sorokin's election to the presidency of the American Sociological Association; reviews; arrangments of the program of the 1966 meetings of the A.S.A.

Box 9. IX. A-14.  Allport, (Prof.) Gordon W. Black's prospectus for his thesis and a letter from Allport to Akhilananda re: The Society for Creative Altruistic Love. Correspondence re: Sorokin's papers on Culture-Integration; Allport's contribution to a symposium volume to be published by Harvard Research Centre in Altruistic Integration and Creativity; Percy Black's thesis' Sorokin's S.O.S.: the meaning of our crisis; Allport's "Becoming"; Sorokin's retirement; Alport's report of a cruise holiday; and Sorokin's activities.

Box 9. IX. A-26.  Anderle, (Dr.) Othmar F. Correspondence between Sorokin and Anderle regarding a number of topics related to sociology, publications, the possibilty of Anderle becoming a visiting scholar in the United States etc.

Box 09. IX. A-35. Augusta, Sister MarieFile contains correspondence regarding: her master's thesis on Sorokin's theories; clarification of certain concepts; Sorokin's lectures at Emmanuel College in Boston; group dynamics; Harvard Research Center in Altruistic Integration and Creativity; and Sister Augusta's interest in a position at Harvard. 

Box 10. IX. B-4. Bardis, Panos D. File includes correspondence regarding: Sorokin's submissions to Social Science and his evaluation of several other items by other writers for publication in the journal; and Sorokin's ill health.

Box 10. IX. B-6. Baum, RichardFile contains correspondence regarding Social and Cultural Dynamics; Baum's intention to write a popular volume on philosophy of history; Prof. Grace Cairn's work on cyclical theory in history; Sorokin's activities and essays etc. in his honour; and the works of a number of historians, philosophers and sociologists.

Box 10. IX. B-10. Becker, HowardInstructions for writing reviews and review policies of American sociological review and a copy of Becker's bibliography, 1923-1952. Correspondence regarding book note on Socio-cultural causality in American sociological review; Cowell's History, civilization, and culture...; Becker's German youth; Harvard Research Center in Altruistic Integration and Creativity; and the writings and activities of Sorokin and Becker.

Box 10. IX. B-14. Benson, Purnell. File includes correspondence regarding Benson's "Study of Religion as a social science" and "Religion in contemporary culture"and Sorokin's works to be utilized in the preparation of Benson's proposed textbook for the study of religion.

Box 10. IX. B-15. Bernays, Edward L. File includes news release regarding television commercials. Correspondence regarding television programs and commercials and Sorokin's reaction to them and Bernays' Biography of An Idea.  

Box 10. IX. B-16. Bierstedt, Robert. File includes: Bierstedt's "A critique of empiricism in sociology"; permission to quote from Dynamics; and Bierdstedt's introduction of Sorokin as president of the American Sociological Association. Correspondence regarding an appreciation in connection with Dr. Florian Znaniecki's retirement; Sorokin's participation at the 1951 meetings of the American Sociological Association; resolutions of the American Historical Association regarding public school education; and the activities and writings of Sorokin and Bierstedt. 

Box 10. IX. B-17. Black, PercyFile includes correspondence with Dr. Gordon Allport regarding Black's thesis, research project research proposal, questionnaires, and thesis prospectus. Correspondence regading Black's thesis research project on altruism; financial assistance from Harvard Research Center in Altruistic Integration and Creativity; and Sorokin's advice regarding Black's project.

Box 11. IX. B-17. Bowditch, E. Francis. File includes organization and proposed activities of the Center and Society; memoranda to the Executive Board and Council of the Society; publicity regarding : "Conference on New Knowledge in Human Values"; and a list of Society members. Correspondence regarding the establishement, growth, development, funding, administration, and meetings of the Research Society for Creative Altruism; conference arrangments, programme and activities of the Center and the Society; and Bowditch's activities as treasurer of the Society. 

Box 11. IX. B-31. Brosse, Therese. [March, 1949-December, 1953. 46 items; 7 enclosures (copies of correspondence with Kirpal, Kuval ayananda, Garcin, and Stokvis re: research on yoga, funding arrangements, and equipment )]  Correspondence re: Brosse's work for the Education Department of UNESCO; her proposed involvement in the research activities of Harvard Research Center in Altruistic Integration and Creativity; her contribution for the Symposium volume; financial support from the Center for research on yoga; and a report on her research activities.  

Box 11. IX. B-34. Bulley, Hebe. [April, 1952-May, 1959. 20 i tems; 1 enclosure (programmeof the lecture series "The frontier of knowledge" in which Sorokin participated. )] Correspondence re: Serge Koussevi tzky and Bulley's manuscript on his life; several of Sorokin's addresses; and Bulley's dreams, religious beliefs, and search for guidance.

Box 11. IX. B-36. Bush, Maurice S. File includes clipping regarding funding research projects; letter regarding review of Power and Morality; and copy of items regarding Bush's appointment to the Interstate Commerce Commission. Correspondence regarding Sorokin's activities, writings, and public addresses; Research Society for Creative ALtruism; and a suggestion that Sorokin write an autobiography

Box 12. IX. C-3. Castetter, L.L.  File includes Castetter's "Enlightened Leadership", "Philosophy of Value", "The Practice of Noble Values", and "The Task of Teaching". Correspondence regarding the activities of the Institute of Human Engineering; Sorokin's comments on several of Castetter's articles relating to values, science, and ennoblement of mankind; and Sorokin's scientific findings regarding religious conversion.

Box 12. IX C-7. Chambers, C.L.  File contains correspondence regarding Dynamics; Sorokin's purchase of a summer place on Lake Memphremagog in Quebec; and the possibility of McGill University's School of Architecture being closed.

Box 12. IX C-15. Cirtautas, K. Claude.  File includes project outline for The American College Girl. Correspondence regarding Cirtautus' The refugee and The American College Girl; a copy of Sorokin's preface for The Refugee; and Sorokin's writings and their translation.

Box 12. IX C-20. Clark, Walter H.   File includes items related to the activities, objectives, and meetings of the Committee; research into religion; and a resolution regarding the death of Dr. Werner Wolff. Correspondence regarding Clark's proposed research project on religion and financial support from Harvard Research Center; activities, meetings, etc. of the Committee for Scientific Study of Religion; evangelism and conversion; and Sorokin's wrtings and activities. 

Box 12. IX. C-34. Cowell, Richard F.  File includes letter from Cowell to Sorokin under cover of J.D. Newth's letter; corrections made in Cowell's volume on Sorokin; and Cowell's "Sorokin's system of sociology" and "The sociology of Pitirim A. Sorokin". Correspondence regarding Cowell's writings on Sorokin; Sorokin's writings and their reactions to Sorokin's works in the United Kingdom; Cowell's contributions to the festschrift; Cowell's comments on Sorokin's Sociological Theories of Today; and the activities of both men.

Box 12. IX. C-39. Crutchfield, James S.  File includes correspondence regarding Russia's educational system; American-Soviet relations and foreign policy; Sorokin's political activiities in Russia prior to his exile; Eisenhower's peace proposals; Sorokin's preparedness to serve the U.S.A. in its attempt to establish peace; and Harvard Research Center in Altruistic integration and Creativity and its funding.

Box 12. IX. D-2. Davis, Arthur K.  File includes correpsondence regarding Davis' experience at "naval boot camp" and America's role in the war effort; Sorokin's writings and activities; the state of sociology; and U.S. foreign policy.

Box 12. IX. D-11. Dienner JR., John A.  File includes clippings regarding altruism ; Harvard Research Centre in Altruistic Integration and Creativity; and Research Society for Creative Altruism and letters between Dienner and Dr. J.C. Salk regarding Sorokin's work. Correspondence regarding the funding and administration of Research Society for Creative Altruism and Harvard Research Centre in Altruistic Integration and Creativity; Sorokin's writings and activities; and his poor health.

Box 13. IX. D-13. Doan, Gilbert E.  File includes Doan's "Does Industry Make Sense"; correspondence regarding Doan's concern over his son's cynicism about all values in life.

Box 13. IX. D-18. Dubosclard, Olga V. File includes correspondence regarding Miss Dubosclard's queries about Sorokin's theories, publications, translations etc., her talks which refer to Sorokin's works, and personal matters in Dubosclard's life.

Box 13. IX. D-22. Dumond, DorisFile includes correspondence regarding inter-personal relations at the Penland School of Handicrafts; Dumond's intention to popularize Sorokin's theories; Sorokin's writings and activities;his theory on history; and Harvard Research Center in Altruistic Integration and Creativity.

Box 13. IX. D-23. Duncan, Otis D.   File includes newsclipping regarding Leaves by the "late" Sorokin; correspondence regarding both men's activities and writings; Duncan's comments on some of Sorokin's theories in Crisis, Dynamics, and Social Mobility; Duncan's treatment at the Univeristy of Minnesota; Duncan's son's training; the works of several sociologists; trends in sociological research and study; and art and wood sculptures.

Box 13. IX. D-26. DuWors, Richard E. File includes 1 enclosure of qualifications of Pierce, West and DuWors; correspondence regarding Sorokin's activities, publications, and honours; a "package" employment arrangement sought by A. Pierce, W. Weist, and DuWors; Dr. Leo Chall; DuWors' research at Saskatchewan; Sorokin's health; and arrangements for the acquisition and transport of the Sorokin Archives and Library and its establishement at the University of Saskatchewan Library.

Box 13. IX. E-4. Echanove, Carlos A.  File includes correspondence regarding invitation to Sorokin address at the 19th International Congress of Sociology in Mexico; publication of Sorokin's address; Sorokin's candicacy as President of the International Institute of Sociology; statutes and membership list of the Institute; and a list of members present at the 19th Congress.

Box 13. IX. E-5. Elfinoff, Konstantin.  File includes correspondence regarding Elifnoff's re-entry into the U.S.; the problems of emigrating from Uraguay; and American immigration policy.

Box 13. IX. E-6. Ellwood, Charles A.  File includes correspondence regarding Sorokin's works; Contemporary sociological theories; Pareto's influence; Dynamics; and an invitation to Sorokin to present a lecture at Duke Univeristy.

Box 14. IX. F-1. Fads and Foibles. File includes comments received from a variety of academics and non-academics regarding Sorokin's Fads and Foibles in Modern Sociology and Related Sciences.

Box 14. IX. F-2. Fads and Foibles.  File includes replies to Sorokin's request to quote from a variety of sources in connection with publication of Fads and Foibles in Modern Sociology and Related Sciences.

Box 14. IX. F-2a. Fan, Winston P.  File includes correspondence regarding Dynamics; Fans's writings on Sorokin's theories, Fan's translations of Sorokin's works; Chinese social thought and culture; Nationalist and Communist regimes in China; various religions and philosophies; the activities and writings of both men; and Fan's emigration to U.S. to study at Michigan State.

Box 14. IX. F-5. Ford, Joseph B.File includes Sorokin's recommendation regarding a thesis extension period for Ford; Sorokin's recommendation of Ford for a Guggenheim Fellowship; abstracts of Ford's papers on Spengler and "Case histories..."; and an outline of Ford's projected series of essays on sociologists; correspondence regarding yoga psychology; Harvard Research Center in Altruistic Integration and Creativity; Research Society for Creative Altruism; translations and republications of Sorokin's works; Gurvitch's Determinisme sociaux; cultural exchange with U.S.S.R.; reactions to Fads and Foibles; invitation to both men regarding conferences, lectures and addresses; the activities and writings of both men; Sorokin's health; a few pages of Ford's projected volume on Comte and Sorokin; the American Sociological Association; and the "Sorokin Award".

Box 14. IX. F-7. Foundation for Integrated Education. [May, 1948-Apri 1 , 1964. 178 i tems; 12 enclosures (notices re: workshops, courses, conferences, and lectures; functional and  organizational chart of the Foundation; and F.L. Kunz's "The role of a biological field theory in education" and "The cultural constitution of man")] Correspondence re: the
aims, activities, and funding of the Foundation; courses, lectures, conferences, and workshops sponsored by the Foundation; minutes of meetings of-the Council and Board of Directors; Main currents in modern thought; Harvard Research Center for Altruistic Integration and Creativity and its publications; Research Society for Creative
A1 truism; so&kinls writings and activities; translations of his works; Sorokin's comments on F.L. Kunz's "Declaration"; Kunz's comments on Fads and foibles; and the following articles: "The social meaning of the Foundation for Integrated Education";
F.L. Kunz's "Declaration", "Toward an institute for integrative studies", and "The institute for integrative studies

Box 15. IX. G-9a. Gini, Corrado. File includes Sorokin's acceptance of a position within the International Institute of Sociology and the concerns of the Institute in general; Invitation to present at Congress; Publication of papers; contains some correspondence in French.

Here is a picture of C. Gini with Sorokin: Box 6.V.7.


“Pitirim Alexandrovich Sorokin: a giant of 20th century sociological thought" Robert K. Merton