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By ppk147 - Posted on 29 February 2008

The following information has been compiled in order to give the resarchers a sense of Sorokin's  prolific scholarly output. The books page is a bibliogrpahy of published monographs, not all of which are available in the University of Saskatchewan Special Collections. The Articles and Reviews sections will provide users with material viewable online. However, these sections are works-in-progress and new material will be added as it is digitized by Special Collections staff. To view the contents of these pages select from the choices below or from those available on the sidebar menu.  






“… he remains the man who tackled the widest range of philosophical, methodological, and substantive problems from widest range of experiential and intellectual backgrounds of any sociologist of the twentieth century. He saw difficulties and solutions in the discipline of sociology, and amidst uproar and gong ringing he proclaimed them abroad. He awoke those sociologists who would awaken, to steal a phrase from Immanuel Kant, from their dogmatic slumbers.”
Robert DuWors.