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By ppk147 - Posted on 29 February 2008

The following articles are available in digital format:

Pitirim A. Sorokin


I. A. 13. Love: The Most Effective Force in the World. Article published in Guideposts Magazine.

II. A. 1. A Case Against Sex Freedom.  Article discusses the impact of sexual revolution on American society. Published 1954

II. A. 3. Conservative Christian Anarchy: Second in a Series of "Harvard Credos". Articles summarizes some of the high point of his Weltan-schauung.

II. A. 10. General Theory of Creativity. Article discusses general theory of creativity.

II. A. 11. How are Sociological Theories Conceived, Developed, and Validated? Dr. Sorokin's look into the important role intuition plays in the creative process. 

II. A. 29. Your Family - The Key to Happiness. Summary of first study of human kindness and the conquest of hate.




“Pitirim Alexandrovich Sorokin: a giant of 20th century sociological thought" Robert K. Merton