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Gay Pride Flag Saskatchewan Resources for Sexual Diversity
Saskatchewan Resources for Sexual Diversity

Celebrating a History of Diversity:

Lesbian and Gay Life in Saskatchewan, 1971 - 2006
A Selected Annotated Chronology

The 2000s


January 20
Saskatchewan’s two major dailies published the results of extensive polling of Saskatchewan residents on social issues. 24 % of respondents said that they were bothered that openly LG people were teaching in schools and 55 % said that LG couples should not be able to adopt children. Only 2% of respondents admitted to having had sexual relations with someone of the same sex.
[Perceptions, v. 19 no. 1 (January 31 2001) p. 11. / Gerry Klein, “We’re a happy lot,” SSP, (January 20 2001) p. A1.]
February 8 - 10 Saskatoon
Queer, All Canadian, All Night Long, a selection from Queer City Cinema 2000, was presented at the Mendel Art Gallery. On February 7 Jim Pankiw, a Saskatoon Alliance MP, complained that festival sponsorship by the Canada Council was a waste of money. The opening was picketed by six Christian Truth Activists; one hundred demonstrators counter picketed in support of the screenings.
[Perceptions, v. 19 no. 2 (March 14 2001) p. 12. / “Controversial gay film festival making stop in Saskatoon,” SSP, (February 2 2001) p. A3. / “Film festival called waste of tax dollars,” RLP, (February 8 2001) p. A5.]
March 16 - 17 Saskatoon
The fourth Breaking the Silence conference at the U of S featured a keynote address by Dr. Pat Griffin titled Changing the Game: Making Sport Safe for LGBT Athletes and Coaches. The conference featured several presentations on sexual orientation and youth sport and recreation.
[“Gay teachers don daily disguise,” SSP, (March 17 2001) p. A1. / “Homophobia rife in school athletics,” SSP, (March 19 2001) p. A3.]
March 23 Saskatoon
The Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon hosted a one day study conference to “listen and conduct discussions around pastoral care to sexual minorities.” The event was attended by many leaders of the local Catholic community, including representatives of Catholic School Divisions, St. Thomas More College and Catholic health care providers.
[Perceptions, v. 19 no. 3 (April 25 2001) p. 14. / “Catholics ponder matter of faith and homosexuality,” SSP, (March 15 2001) p. A8.]
May 19 Regina
The Prairie Pride Chorus presented Music Speaks Louder than Words, a joint concert with Winnipeg’s Rainbow Harmony Project held at Darke Hall.
[SSN, (May 2001) p. 9.]
June 4-29 Saskatoon
The U of S Library presented A Friend of Dorothy: The Marilyn Cooper Retrospective, a tongue-in-cheek exhibition of gay themed paintings and graphics by Regina artist Duncan Campbell.
[Sheila Robertson, “Campbell creates lighter art under alter ego of Marilyn,” SSP, (June23 2001) p. E4. / Perceptions, v. 19 no. 4 (June 6 2001) p. 2.]
June 5-13
A nationwide poll reported that in Saskatchewan and Manitoba 67% of respondents believed that homosexuals should have the same rights as heterosexuals. This was less than the national level of support of 75%.
[Perceptions, v. 19 no. 5 (August 1 2001) p. 28.]
June 18 Regina
At the request of Christian Truth Activists Mayor Pat Fiacco proclaimed June 18 Heterosexual Family Pride Day. In response the Regina Pride Committee invited supporters to pledge money to gay charities for each minute the Activists paraded.
[“Proclamation sparks anger,” RLP, (May 30 2001) p. A1, A2.]
June 18
Valerie Watson, the adjudicator appointed to rule on human rights complaints against Hugh Owens and the StarPhoenix, decided that they were guilty of violating the human rights of the three gay complainants. The newspaper accepted the ruling but Owens filed a notice of appeal. The appeal process had not ended at the date of this compilation.
[“SP ordered to pay $1,500 in damages for anti-gay ad,” SSP, (June 19 2001) p. A3. / “Board fines paper, man over ad,” RLP, (June 19 2001) p. D8.]
June 23 Saskatoon
The second Saskatchewan Gay/Les/Bi Pride Parade was held in Saskatoon with Provincial Secretary and NDP MLA Pat Lorje serving as grand marshall. At the rally she presented a Gay and Lesbian Pride Day proclamation from the province for Pride 2001 and a retroactive one for the 2000 commemoration.
[Perceptions, v. 19 no. 5(August 1 2001) p. 11. / “Parade among festivities planned for gay pride week,” SSP, (June 16 2001) p. A6.]
June 23-30 Regina
Regina Pride Committee Pride Week included an art show, poetry slam, dance, community service awards and films presented by the Regina Public Library and the Saskatchewan Communications Network. (Photo: Members of the Regina Pride Committee at the commencement of Regina's 2001 Pride Week, on the Scarth Street Mall.)
[SSN, (June 2001) p. 3.]
July 6 Regina
The provincial NDP/Liberal coalition government passed legislation to amend 24 statutes dealing with the definition of spouse in response to the M v H decision of the Supreme Court of Canada. These amendments ensured that same-sex couples in Saskatchewan would have the same rights and responsibilities as common-law couples in matters relating to adoption, estates, pensions and debts. Five of the Saskatchewan Party MLAs supported the amendments when their party opted for a free vote.
[Perceptions, v. 19 no. 5 (August 1 2001) p. 13. / Murray Mandryk, “Equality for same-sex couples,” RLP, (May 31 2001) p. A1.]
August 30 - September 2 Saskatoon
GLHS hosted 2001: A Health Odyssey: Building Healthy Communities, a national conference which attracted 175 to discuss ways of addressing health issues endemic to LGBT communities. The conference included several plenaries and 44 workshops. Resolutions from the conference formed the basis of the Saskatoon Declaration of GLBT Health and Wellness, which called for the formation of a national organization.
[Perceptions, v. 19 no. 6 (September 12 2001) p. 11.]
September 9 Saskatoon
Bill Whatcott and the Christian Truth Activists delivered flyers to 5,000 homes urging people to keep homosexuality out of the schools. This leafleting was a response to the report by an ad hoc committee of the Saskatoon Public School Division recommending initiatives to provide a less homophobic environment.
[Perceptions, v. 19 no. 7 (October 24 2001) p. 14. / “Hateful letter sparks ire of gay-rights advocate,” SSP, (September 11 2001) p. A5.]
September 12 Saskatoon
Perceptions reported the release of The Cost of Homophobia, a study commissioned by GLHS to determine the economic cost of homophobia. The cost to Canada was estimated to be as much as $8 billion annually.
[Perceptions, v. 19 no. 6 (September 12 2001) p. 13.]
September 22 Saskatoon
Cheryl Loadman and Brian Nixon, openly lesbian and gay candidates, unsuccessfully sought the NDP nomination to contest the riding of Saskatoon Idylwyld.
[Perceptions, v. 19 no. 5 (August 1 2001) p. 14.]
October 5-8 Saskatoon
After a 14 year absence Metamorphosis was revived with its traditional program of workshops, community dance, and Thanksgiving feast. A concert featuring Heather Bishop with the Bridge City Chorus was held at St. Thomas-Wesley United Church.
[Perceptions, v. 19 no. 6 (September 12 2001) p. 32.]
October 9-20 Regina
The Globe Theatre presented Darrin Hagen in his one man play The Edmonton Queen: Not a Riverboat Story. The play recounts Hagen’s rise to fame as Gloria, a drag queen who dominates gay Edmonton in the 1980s.
[Nick Miliokas, “His and her story,” RLP, (October 9 2001) p. A9.]
October 21 Regina
The Globe Theatre presented its first Loud N’ Queer cabaret featuring poetry, prose, and comic performances by LGB artists. It was hosted by Darrin Hagen. The variety evening became an annual event on the Globe’s schedule. .
[SSN, (September 2001) p. 2.]
November 15 Regina
An open meeting was held at the GLCR between members of the LG community and the Regina Police Services Cultural Relations Committee. Among the concerns presented were distrust of the police, gay bashing, park cruising and same-gender domestic violence.
[SSN, (Dec 2001)]
November 24 Regina
The Regina gay men’s potluck group invited Regina lesbians to a special potluck event Out in the Kitchen.
[SSN, (November 2001)]
December Saskatoon
Brent Daum, local queer and AIDS activist, joined plaintiffs from Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia in a class action suit against the federal government. They claimed they had been discriminated against when they were denied survivor benefits from the Canada Pension Plan after the deaths of their same-sex partners.
[Perceptions, v. 19 no. 8 (December 5 2001) p. 10. / “Gay partner joins battle for benefits,” SSP, (November 28 2001) p. A3.]
December 5 Regina
The Prairie Pride Chorus performed at the annual Rotary Carol Festival at Knox-Metropolitan United Church.
[SSN, (December 2001)]
December 8 Saskatoon
Peter Millard, one of the pioneers in the struggle for LG rights in Saskatchewan, died.
[Perceptions, v. 20 no. 1 (January 30 2002) p. 8. / “Scholar, activist dies from leukemia,” SSP, (December 10 2001) p. A3.]