See also other sections, including  EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS and

VIDEOS, for additional items of relevance to youth.


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                             History of sexual behaviour of youth and sexual instruction for

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                     Considerably broader than focus of this bibliography. Reference

                     to danger of comics, including homoeroticism of Batman comics, as

                     analyzed by New York psychiatrist, Frederic Wertham, whose comments

                     influenced Canadian politics and law. Also reference to 1952 charges

                     against National News Company, an Ottawa distributor, for having

                     obscene materials, one item of which was a pulp novel, Women’s Barracks,

                     with two lesbian characters, [etc.].


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SEE entry at Creating Safer Schools for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth.


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                                                Compiler does not know whether Canadian relevance extends beyond

                                                place of publication of journal.


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                             Y compris témoignage de trois hommes âgés de 20 à 24 ans, dont

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                                                following contents note:  1. Overview/Introduction – 2. Identity –

                                                3. Growing Up Different – 4. School Experiences and the Right to a

                                                Safe Educational Environment – 5. Media Images – 6. Coming Out –

                                                7. Family Support – 8. Human Rights: Harassment and Discrimination –

                                                9. What People Can Do – 10. Some Resources – 11. Some Common

                                                Myths – 12.  Some Statistics – 13.  Definitions – 14. Video Dialogue…But

                                                Words Do Hurt : Stories from GLBTT Youth – 15. Video Production

                                                Information – 16. Bibliography/For Further Information – Research

                                                Centre Publications.


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(ca. 100 leaves)


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                             Broader than scope of this bibliography.

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                             and 11s…[and] their attitudes toward people with AIDS or HIV

                             infection, and towards homosexuality [etc.]” – abstract from Canadian

                             Research Index.


The Canadian Closet.

            SEE this entry in VIDEOS section.


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                             Broader than scope of this bibliography, but abstract states that the

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                             the views of youth on various health related issues including…concerns

                             of gay, lesbian and bisexual youth” – abstract from Canadian Research


                             Issued also in French under title: À l’écoute des jeunes: une revue

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                        by subscription; see ref. for additional information)

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                                                USER SHOULD NOTE entry below, Guidelines for Transgender Care,

                                                for an open access document of similar title.


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                                    GenerAsians Together, a support group founded by Grace Ng Listkowski

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                                                See also Christopher entry, “Youth from Care, BA,” below.


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                                                See also Christopher entry, “Queer in Care,” above.


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                                                of colour came together to build community, reflect, express and explore

                                                issues of race and experiences that have shaped who they are through

                                                discussion, writing and other arts.”  One of several descriptors applied to

                                                the record is Gay teenagers.


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              (unpaged; no ISBN given)    

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                                                Translation of:  Mort ou fif, which has appeared in the original

                                                French under more than one imprint and which is listed above in

this section.


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                                                Ref.: CPI.Q index.

                                                Degree of Canadian relevance for this list not known.


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                             L’auteur écrit: “Nous n’avons pu trouver que dix livres où un ou

                             plusieurs personnages homosexuels évidents participaient plus

                             ou moins à l’histoire.”  Division des livres en quatres catégories:

                             Les méchants, les clichés, les victimes, et représentations positives.

                             Conclusion de l’auteur: “…un gros problème quant à la représentation

                             de l’homosexualité.”  Chacun de ces dix oeuvres est inclus dans la

                             section “Literature.”  Each of the ten works discussed in this article

                             has been listed in the “Literature” section of this bibliography.

                             Titles by/oeuvres de: Chantal Cadieux, Claire Daignault, Jean Gervais,

                             Jean-Yves Lord, Mélanie La Barre, Jean Lemieux, Charles Montpetit,

                             Raymond Plante (2), et/and Diana Wieler.


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                                                There is an entry above in this section for her somewhat similarly titled

University of Alberta doctoral dissertation of 2002.


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                                                Available as an electronic document, as of February 11,

                                                2003, at the EGALE web site.  URL for this item is as follows:


                                                Print version runs to 29 pages.


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This source also gives Maryse Alcindor as author.

OCLC catalog record number 77048402 gives URL access via BAnQ at  (viewed Sept. 8, 2008)


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Interested user should see Gosine’s York University [Toronto], Dept. of

Sociology Web page for additional publications (page viewed Sept. 16,

2008 at ).


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            SEE section LITERATURE – DRAMA at Graefe for reference to this play.


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                                                to practice building healthy, open connections that acknowledge the

                                                diversity of gay, lesbian, and bisexual communities.  The camp offers

                             year-round followup support program” –ERIC abstract.


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See entry in the section at Rooney, Frances, ed.


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                                                Information Research is an electronic journal.

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                                                This paper is cited in a number of works, both Internet and print sources.

One such citation appears, in slightly different form, as footnote 20 in John

Fisher’s report, Reaching Out, which is listed elsewhere in the YOUTH

ISSUES section of this bibliography.  Author has no further information.

Degree of Canadian content unknown.


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bibliography is fully cited elsewhere in this list, in the Bibliographies



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                                         Much broader than scope of this bibliography, but, in presenting

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            SEE VIDEOS section of this list.


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                                                NOTE: similar title immediately following, but with

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                                                two entries has not been determined


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                                                NOTE: similar four-part title immediately preceding.

                                                Relationship between the two entries not determined.

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SEE entry at Schneider, Margaret S., in this section.


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                             Central Toronto Youth Services is a community-based mental health

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                             One of its many programs is the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth



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                                                provides secure, supportive and comfortable social venues where lesbian,

                                                gay, bisexual, and transgender youth can meet….The organization also

                                                provides education and information….This publication provides

                                                information and a creative outlet in a newsletter format…” – ERIC

abstract.  Available from EDRS and from Youthquest! See ERIC document

no. ED423493 for specific availability information.


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