See also separate entries for specific city locations, below.
The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches: Western Canadian District Conference '91...Winnipeg, Manitoba [display advertisement]; also MCC conference [newsnote].
P64 (v9n3)(April 24, 1991): [2], 11 (ca. 20cm.)
MCC meeting [newsnote that Mountains and Plains District of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches will hold annual conference in Winnipeg May 15-17, 1998; about 200 clergy from 25 churches in the US Midwest and Western Canada to attend; MCC Winnipeg established 1983; etc.].
P120 (v16n3)(April 29, 1998): 14 (20cm.)


Easter at MCC [newsnote on plans for celebration of Easter season by Metropolitan Community Church, Calgary].
P127 (v17n2)(March 10, 1999): 9 (16cm.)
Easter bonnets [being a newsnote on some activities of Metropolitan Community Church, Calgary; pastor: Rev. Michael Nicholas].
P128 (v17n3)(April 21, 1999): 13 (24cm.)
Christmas Eve service [hosted by Metropolitan Community Church, Calgary, at Bankview Community Centre; service is for everyone; details].
P133 (v17n8)(Dec. 8, 1999): 20 (20cm.)


New church, new pastor [Metropolitan Community Church of Edmonton moved, after 15 years, to a new location on September 1; Barbara MacLennan was licensed this July and will continue to lead congregation].
P83 (v11n6)(Sept. 15, 1993): 10-11 (22cm.)


The MCC in Saskatoon [a chapter is being formed].
P17 [1985]: 29 (11cm.)
The MCC in Saskatoon [the "newest fledgling congregation of the Metropolitan Community Canada"; Pastor Judy]. By Bruce C.
P18 [1985]: 23 (26cm.)
[First listing on Perceptions community groups page for Metropolitan Community Church, Saskatoon (although listings on Calendar page at least as early as Perceptions, issue 17].
P26 [1986]: 18 (1/2cm.)
Gay and Christian, too? [background and doctrinal issues of Metropolitan Community Church; in Saskatoon since Sept. 1985].
P38 (Jan. 13, 1988): 24-[25] (48cm.)


MCC church denied rights [Simcoe County Metropolitan Community Church had church advertisements refused by two newspapers, the Orillia Packet and Times and the Barrie Examiner; one newspaper, the Barrie Advance, "gladly ran the announcement unedited"].
P111 (v15n2)(March 12, 1997): 23 (15cm.)


Lifetime commitments [Toronto's Metropolitan Community Church site of mass "rite of blessing" for gay and lesbian couples on February 16; this year 137 couples made lifetime commitment; ceremony is held on Sunday closest to Valentine's Day].
P71 (v10n2)(March 18, 1992): 18-19 (20cm.)
Ontario nuptials cause a stir [currently same-sex couples in Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec have taken marriage fight to court; this newsnote is primarily about the marriage, not by licence but by posting banns, of two couples in Toronto; Rev. Brent Hawkes of Metropolitan Community Church, Toronto, marries two couples -- Elaine Vautour and partner Anne Vautour; Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell].
P142 (v19n1)(Jan. 31, 2001): 25 (32cm.)


Pastor feels bashed [Metropolitan Community Church, Winnipeg, pastor Stan Richards has encountered difficulties as result of also being pastor at Sherwood Park Lutheran Church in a Winnipeg suburb; etc.].
P67 (v9n6)[misnumbered on contents page as v9n5](Sept. 25, 1991): 9-10 (33cm.)
Gay pastor fired [Rev. Stan Richards lost pastorship of Sherwood Park Lutheran Church, Winnipeg, on November 27 -- issues, official and otherwise, were homosexuality and his work at Metropolitan Community Church; personal family information also presented in article; etc.].
P70 (v10n1)(Feb. 5, 1992): 9 (45cm.)
Final sermon [Rev. Stan Richards preached final sermon February 23 at Sherwood Park Lutheran Church, Winnipeg; was voted out by congregation; will continue work with Metropolitan Community Church; case has caused other Lutheran ministers to come out; etc.].
P71 (v10n2)(March 18, 1992): 10 (33cm.)
Closing down for now [Metropolitan Community Church, Winnipeg, held last service August 8, 1999; declining attendance, etc.; "the church was formed in the 1970s and was one of the first MCC congregations in Canada"; other details and comments].
P131 (v17n6)(Sept. 15, 1999): 13 (20cm.)