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It's always about the sex [in which author maintains it is dangerous to forget our history, because, despite advances towards equality, "the same old issues keep cropping up," having to do with sexual activity; refers to recent Calgary police raid on Goliath's steam bath, 1980 Toronto bathhouse raids, Toronto Pussy Palace raid, park raids across the country, the Surrey School Board book banning case, and actions of Canada Customs; reference also to "Saskatchewan's premier homophobe," Bill Whatcott, and American Fred Phelps; etc.]. By Gens Hellquist.
P158 (v21n1)[cover misnumbered v201](Jan. 22, 2003): 4-5 (77cm.)
Calgary police re-enter Stone Age [lengthy report of police raid on "Goliath's Sauna-tel and Texas Lounge," a Calgary bathhouse, on Dec. 12, 2002; comments; community reactions; other details].
P158 (v21n1)[cover misnumbered v201](Jan. 22, 2003): 9 (63cm.)
Goliath's reopens [on January 23; bathhouse had been closed since Dec. 12, when Calgary police raided the fifteen-year-old establishment, arresting and charging staff and patrons; condemnation of raid; reference to some dissent in Calgary queer community; Gay and Lesbian Community Service [i.e., Services] Association "has been questioned on their unwillingness to condemn the raid and a letter they have circulated within the community"; etc.].
P159 (v21n2)(March 5, 2003): 13 (50cm.)
Trials delayed again [concerning the aftermath of Calgary police raid on Goliath's Saunatel, a bathhouse; Terry Haldane has had case postponed three times; new group called Diversity in Society Coalition formed as result of raid; note that Goliath's Defense Fund has been set up; etc.].
P160 (v21n3)(April 16, 2003): 8 (47cm.)
More Goliath's delays [concerning delay in trials connected with Goliath's Saunatel bathhouse raid in Calgary in December; Terry Haldane was only one of 13 arrested as found-ins to plead not guilty and take the trial route; other details].
P161 (v21n4)(May 28, 2003): 13 (18cm.)
Trial on hold [another postponement in the trials resulting from Calgary police raid on Goliath's Saunatel, a bathhouse; details of reasons offered for delay; names given of owners, employees, and the one "found-in," Terry Haldane, who has determined to fight his case].
P165 (v21n8)(Dec. 3, 2003): 12-13 (37cm.)
Slow wheels of justice [those arrested in raid on Goliath's, Calgary bathhouse, will have to wait another nine months; trial date set for October 18, 2004; details regarding Terry Haldane, the one "found-in" who is challenging the charge; involvement of EGALE; other matters regarding those charged as keepers, who had new court date set for April 1, 2004; request for defence fund donations for Haldane; etc.].
P166 (v22n1)(Jan. 28, 2004): 11 (31cm.)
Goliath's back in court [owner, Darrell Zakreski, in court April 1; some details of arguments of defence lawyer; etc.].
P168 (v22n3)(April 21, 2004): 12 (22cm.)
First round loss [Goliath's bathhouse "lost the first round in their legal fight after police raided the gay sauna in December of 2002"; one Calgary activist "doesn't believe Goliath's should be considered a public space," since patrons have to be signed in through two locked doors, etc.; trial will now focus on whether the sexual activity constitutes indecent acts; ruling was by Judge Terence Semenuk; other details].
P170 (v22n5)(July 21, 2004): 21 (35cm.)
Crown drops charges [Terry Haldane reported angry that Alberta Crown has decided to stay charges against him as a found-in during police raid on Goliath's on December 12, 2002; Crown Counsel David Torske says charges taking too much time, but Haldane was mounting charge against the bawdy house laws themselves, which would have been a bigger issue for the Crown; Crown is not dropping charges against those "charged with knowingly allowing the premises to be used as a common bawdyhouse"].
P173 (v22n8)(Dec. 8, 2004): 12 (33cm.)


Keeping clean [Edmonton to have bathhouse again after more than fifteen years; expected to open in February; brief historical information on Edmonton steam baths, police raids; etc.].
P118 (v16n1)(Jan. 21, 1998): 11 (25cm.)
Down Under [Edmonton bathhouse, Down Under, opened on February 6/98, despite some community objections; details, including names of some objectors and supporters].
P119 (v16n2)(March 18, 1998): 11 (23cm.)


Bathhouse TV ad sparks controversy [details about Melbourne, Australia television advertisement for gay bathhouse, Wet on Wellington; reactions].
P162 (v21n5)(July 23, 2003): 24 (22cm.)


Steam bath closed [Nu West Steam Bath, in Vancouver suburb of New Westminster, fights eviction when property sold; owners of building reported to have entered premises and damaged bathhouse; etc.]
P96 (v13n3)(April 26, 1995): 22 (25cm.)


Bathhouse owners unite [Peter Bochove, longtime bathhouse owner, encouraging bathhouse owners to band together to challenge bawdy laws written in 1800s and still being enforced; Bochove's idea, the Committee to Abolish the 19th Century, would bring together owners of bathhouses, adult video arcades, swingers' clubs and strip clubs; this action follows recent raids on Goliath's in Calgary, Pussy Palace in Toronto, and the Warehouse in Hamilton; details].
P171 (v22n6)(Sept. 15, 2004): 27 (36cm.)


Hot times in bath [newsnote that The Office Sauna gutted by fire "on the evening of New Year's Day"; a year ago Obie's also had fire].
P54 (v8n1)(Jan. 17, 1990): 9 (7cm.)
Bath open again [newsnote that The Office Sauna, damaged by fire New Year's Day, has reopened].
P56 [misnumbered 55] (v8n3)(April 11, 1990): 8 (4cm.)
A big change [The Office Sauna, Winnipeg bathhouse, has been sold to Doug Pomanski, renovated, and reopened as Adonis Spa; brief comments about different situations of Canadian and American bathhouses in the time of AIDS].
P137 (v18n4)(May 31, 2000): 12 (14cm.)
Women allowed [at Winnipeg bathhouses, Adonis Spa and Aquarius Baths; details and reactions].
P167 (v22n2)[misnumbered v22n1 on contents page] (March 10, 2004): 10 (20cm.)


Editorial ["we must all support those individuals and groups fighting to have the bawdy house laws stricken from the books"; mention of recent raid on steam bath in Hamilton, eight months after the Calgary raid, and also routine police raids across Canada on public parks; attempt to control human sexuality through bawdy house laws is unconstitutional, according to writer, and laws seem to be reserved for queers; etc.].
P171 (v22n6)(Sept. 15, 2004): 3 (13cm.)
Hamilton bathhouse raid [details surrounding the raid of the Warehouse, a Hamilton, Ontario bathhouse, on August 3, 2004].
P171 (v22n6)(Sept. 15, 2004): 26 (41cm.)


The Back Door wins [concerning legal issues arising from April 1983 Toronto police raid of Back Door Gym and Sauna].
P13 [1985]: 4 (21cm.)
Cleanliness next to -- [City of Toronto ordered by court to issue building permit to Peter Bochove for bathhouse; had planned to open Spa on Maitland last November; permit received July 16 and bathhouse now open].
P59 (v8n6)(Aug. 29, 1990): 17-18 (38cm.)
Bathhouse bombed [St. Marc Spa, Toronto, had three molotov cocktails thrown at its door July 12; next evening other bomb threats were called to Xtra!, Bar 501, and Woody's, but no bombs found that night].
P83 (v11n6)(Sept. 15, 1993): 20 (16cm.)
Pussy palace [group calling themselves Pussy Posse arranged lesbian bathhouse night at Club Toronto on Sept. 14/98; over 400 showed up; "first lesbian bathhouse in Toronto's history"; etc.].
P124 (v16n7)[misnumbered v16n6 on contents page](Oct. 28, 1998): 23 (17cm.)
Pussy Palace peepers [on September 14, 2000, Toronto police raided a lesbian bathhouse event, Pussy Palace, held at Club Toronto bathhouse; reactions, comments].
P140 (v18n7)(Oct. 25, 2000): 24-25 (55cm.)
Police panned for raid [on Toronto's Pussy Palace; Justice Peter Hryn said actions of officers put police force into disrepute and that the Charter violations would "shock the conscience of the public"; other details].
P151 (v20n2)(March 13, 2002): 24 (30cm.)
Steamworks Toronto men's spa [the Toronto bathhouse, Steamworks Toronto]. Review by Kelly Ries.
P170 (v22n5)(July 21, 2004): 25 (35cm.)
Pussy hearing [Ontario Human Rights Commission announced on June 17 that there would be public hearing "some time in the future" to uncover the facts of the September 2000 police raid on Pussy Palace, a women's bathhouse night in Toronto; other details].
P170 (v22n5)(July 21, 2004): 28 (26cm.)