MURRAY, GLEN (Winnipeg politician)

Gay candidate [Glen Murray has begun campaign for election to Winnipeg city council].
P52 (v7n7)(Oct. 4, 1989): 8 (40cm.)
Gay wins [Glen Murray officially took office November 7 as Winnipeg city councillor]. By Harry.
P53 (v7n8)(Nov. 23, 1989): 7 (40cm.)
Proclamation denied [Winnipeg mayor Bill Norrie once again refuses request to declare February 14 as Pink Triangle Day; openly-gay councillor Glen Murray protested refusal].
P63 (v9n2)(March 6, 1991): 10 (48cm.)
A Kind of Family. National Film Board of Canada work about gay Winnipeg councillor, Glen Murray, and his foster son, Mike. Reviewed by Donald Campbell.
P72 (v10n3)(April 29, 1992): 20 (34cm.)
Glen Murray -- a conversation with a superdad [interview]. Interviewed by Harry Leonard.
P72 (v10n3)(April 29, 1992): 6-7 (117cm.)
New [Winnipeg] mayor says no! [Susan Thompson says she will not change former Mayor Bill Norrie's policy of refusing to proclaim Gay & Lesbian Pride Week or Pink Triangle Day; brief observations and comment of Councillor Glen Murray regarding Thompson].
P77 (v10n8)(Dec. 9, 1992): 11 (20cm.)
Murray at ceremony [GLUS will host second annual Doug Wilson Award Evening; Glen Murray, gay Winnipeg city councillor, guest speaker; background details on award and about Wilson; previous winner mentioned].
P102 (v14n1)(Jan. 31, 1996): 12 (41cm.)
Interview with a city father [Glen Murray, Winnipeg city councillor]. By Guy Vanseters.
P103 (v14n2)(March 13/96): 6-7 (95cm.)
Unable to file complaint [Glen Murray, Winnipeg city councillor, told by Manitoba Human Rights Commission that he cannot file complaint over city's refusal to provide same-sex benefits to city employees because he is the employer; names and some details of some employees who have pursued issue].
P106 (v14n5)(July 24, 1996): 12 (23cm.)
In the running [Glen Murray announces he is running for mayor of Winnipeg; first elected to city council in 1989 and twice re-elected to his Fort Rouge seat; 81 percent of vote in 1995].
P122 (v16n5)(July 29, 1998): 11 (17cm.)
Waiting for the vote [lesbian and gay community awaiting Oct. 28/98 vote to see if gay alderman, Glen Murray, will become mayor; other gay/lesbian candidates running for office are Paul Girdlestone and Kristine Barr].
P124 (v16n7)[misnumbered v16n6 on contents page](Oct. 28, 1998): 11 (29cm.)
Canada's first gay mayor [Glen Murray elected as first gay Canadian mayor, in Winnipeg, on October 28, 1998; mention also that Lori Johnson and Kristine Barr, open lesbians, elected to Winnipeg's school board].
P125 (v16n8)(Dec. 9, 1998): 10 (23cm.)
Settling in [reporting that in an interview with Winnipeg's gay Swerve magazine, Glen Murray talked of his election victory as Winnipeg mayor; Murray's opinions on some issues].
P126 (v17n1)(Jan. 27, 1999): 11 (22cm.)
Running again [Winnipeg's openly gay mayor, Glen Murray, has announced he is running again; elections on October 23; mention that some in queer community upset with Murray, but that he also receives praise; details].
P154 (v20n5)(July 31, 2002): 13 (25cm.)
Fund-raising for the mayor [Happenings Social Club is venue for fundraiser to support re-election campaign of openly gay Winnipeg mayor, Glen Murray; last issue of Perceptions reported that some "had issues" with Murray; "however, that sentiment is not shared by many in the community"; details of the fundraiser].
P155 (v20n6)(Sept. 11, 2002): 13 (26cm.)