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Edmonton doctor misinforms teens [concerning Drs. Robert Ferland and Gerry Schwalfenberg addressing 200 teenagers and parents].
P33 (June 10, 1987): 12 (11cm.)
Gay youth surveyed [first survey "to determine and document the needs of lesbian and gay youth has been released"; undertaken by Gay and Lesbian Youth Services Network (GLYSN); project of the Village Clinic in Winnipeg; youth interviewed "mostly residents of the core area of Winnipeg and ranged from the ages of 14 to 21"; summary of results].
P54 (v8n1)(Jan. 17, 1990): 7-8 (95cm.)
EGALE [Regina] supports inquiry [supports call for public inquiry "to find solutions to racism affecting Native youth in Saskatchewan"].
P55 (v8n2)(Feb. 28, 1990): 10 (22cm.)
Young lesbians & gays [concerning the difficulties facing gay/lesbian youth; with personal stories and account of a counsellor's efforts at bringing issues into the open; Saskatoon and Alberta references].
P64 (v9n3)(April 24, 1991): 4-6 (152cm.)
AIDS -- a prairie perspective [transcript based on presentation by Bob, a young aboriginal man with AIDS, to a number of reserve schools in northern Saskatchewan, March 1991; in this account, Bob presents his story of growing up, sexual abuse, alcoholism, gay relationships, and illness]. [Transcribed by] Ralph Wushke.
P64 (v9n3)(April 24, 1991): 7-8 (78cm.)
Teen protection [newsnote that Edmonton Board of Health is "trying to get high schools to install condom dispensers in school washrooms" despite school board opposition].
P64 (v9n3)(April 24, 1991): 11 (9cm.)
Youth not homophobic [newsnote that Saskatchewan Youth Parliament passed resolution supporting adoption by gays; contrast with "some adult politicians"].
P64 (v9n3)(April 24, 1991): 11 (9cm.)
Lesbian and gay youth [brief description of new National Film Board of Canada film, Out: Stories of Lesbian and Gay Youth]. By Donald B. Campbell.
P84 (v11n7)(Oct. 27, 1993): 23 (9cm.)
Hopeful future [report of more liberal attitudes towards gay/lesbian issues demonstrated at Saskatchewan Youth Parliament, which met in Regina at end of December; also report of attitudinal poll by Maclean's/CTV].
P86 (v12n1)(Jan. 26, 1994[cover date Jan. 24/94]: 12-13 (39cm.)
Out is out [announcement of release and brief description of 80-minute National Film Board of Canada documentary, Out: Stories of Lesbian and Gay Youth]. Note by Donald B. Campbell.
P89 (v12n4)(June 8, 1994): 26 (17cm.)
Youth groups forming [in Saskatoon to provide support and educational services for young lesbians and gay men aged 16 to 24; will meet on Sept. 11, 1994; groups are Lesbian Youth Support of Saskatoon and Gay Youth Support of Saskatoon].
P90 (v12n5)(July 27, 1994): 13 (12cm.)
Queer youth not welcome [Edmonds Youth Resource Centre, established in Vancouver suburb of Burnaby, tells the gay/lesbian youth support group, Youth Quest, to leave; details].
P96 (v13n3)(April 26, 1995): 19 (37cm.)
Suicide conference [first annual Friends For Life conference held October 25-27, 1996 in Regina; "Friends For Life is a province-wide youth driven organization... [whose] goals are to provide awareness of the high...[incidence] of suicide in the youth population"; report and criticism of conference by author, who attended as a member of Out and Proud Youth, which organization acted as the representative for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth at the conference]. By Rebecka Sheffield.
P109 (v14n8)(Dec. 4, 1996): 6 (39cm.)
Support for youth [Brian Huskins, chair of Canadian AIDS Society, contracted by Calgary Health Services to work on producing resource material for teachers, guidance counsellors, and others working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered youth; "Huskins has been working and consulting with Calgary's queer youth group, Identity"].
P111 (v15n2)(March 12, 1997): 11 (15cm.)
Safety in Surrey [Youthquest drop-in opened in Surrey, B.C., on May 21; other Youthquest drop-in centres in Abbotsford, Port Moody, New Westminster; Youthquest co-ordinator: Rhamona Vos-Browning].
P113 (v15n4)(June 4, 1997): 25 (15cm.)
If you can read this, you're a survivor [concerning struggle of gay/lesbian/bisexual/ transgender youth in growing up and getting through school system; as a "survivor" of the education system, be a role model]. By Erin Scriven.
P116 (v15n7)(Oct. 22, 1997): 9 (40cm.)
Reducing vulnerability [the difficulties for gay/lesbian youth are outlined and reference is made to a new booklet, Sexual Identity: The Journey Begins, written by Brian Huskins, with collaboration of Calgary Regional Health Authority and Health Canada -- AIDS Education and Prevention Unit; booklet availability information given].
P117 (v15n8)(Dec. 3, 1997): 13 (31cm.)
Regina queer youth [newsnote that "Inside-Out," Regina's gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth group, is running again; meets every two weeks; is part of Pink Triangle Community Services].
P119 (v16n2)(March 18, 1998): 13 (9cm.)
Sarnia youth group ["efforts are again underway to establish a queer youth group"; George Rizopoulos working to establish group; etc.].
P124 (v16n7)[misnumbered v16n6 on contents page](Oct. 28, 1998): 23 (34cm.)
Reaching out to youth [Pink Triangle Community Services, Regina, reaches out to Regina's youth; was asked to talk to youth group, Street Culture, and to help with presentation to peer and guidance counselors from three Regina high schools; other details].
P127 (v17n2)(March 10, 1999): 10 (25cm.)
Gay youth "at risk" ["study done by the McCreary Centre Society supports growing research that gay youth are at higher risk of suicide....British Columbia gay and lesbian youth are three times more likely to attempt suicide" than heterosexual youth; some recommendations made by the Society for reduction of youth suicide risk].
P130 (v17n5)(July 28, 1999): 26 (16cm.)
Youth for Youth Project [initiated by AIDS Saskatoon to respond to youth HIV infection and to reduction of that risk; etc.].
P131 (v17n6)(Sept. 15, 1999): 12 (32cm.)
The time for grassroots action [complexity of issues arising from homophobia "seems unending"; spousal relationship rights have just been won; must turn our attention to dealing with homophobia in education system and unwillingness to address the health and social problems in queer community; we should be suing school boards for not providing a safe learning environment and suing universities for graduating helping professionals who have no knowledge of realities of homophobia; other suggestions]. By Gens Hellquist.
P136 (v18n3)(April 19, 2000): 4-5 (66cm.)
A smorgasbord of spontaneous sex [author's account of "all those years ago when I was but a confused young man trying to find my tribe"; "the only thing... that I do know now, and the one thing that I wish all people who are struggling with their sexual orientation could know, is this: it does get better, it does get easier, and you will be okay"]. By Jeff Dodds.
P139 (v18n6)(Sept. 13, 2000): 6, 8 (62cm.)
[First listing on Perceptions community groups ("In Your Area") pages for Northern Rainbow Youth, support group for high school students, listed in the Alberta section of community pages, with phone and e-mail contacts (compiler note: no city or town given; therefore listed here only under province)].
P141 (v18n8)(Dec. 6, 2000): 18 (1cm.)
A guide for gay youth: an interview with Benjie Nycum [author of XY Survival Guide, a book written for young gay males; information about author and his book]. By Kirby Bell.
P141 (v18n8)(Dec. 6, 2000): 22-23 (94cm.)
Queer youth in The Hat [new group, Sexual Orientation Support (S.O.S.), formed for youth under 25 in Medicine Hat, Alberta; some details].
P144 (v19n3)(April 25, 2001): 20 (18cm.)
Youth need help: survey [newsnote on results of GLBT wellness project survey (825 responses) in Ottawa area; some statistical details, and including reference to depression as "one of the main concerns of the people present" at a workshop held to analyze and discuss results].
P146 (v19n5)(Aug. 1, 2001): 29 (14cm.)
Acceptance only a generation away [survey "focusing on gay issues and high school seniors has shown there is overwhelming acceptance of gay and lesbian issues"; statistics presented; "Dennis Gilbert of Hamilton College of New York...helped design the survey (compiler note: this appears to be about the August 27, 2001 "Hamilton College Gay Issues Poll," which, as of Feb. 17, 2005, was posted on the Web at )].
P147 (v19n6)(Sept. 12, 2001): 22 (17cm.)
Youth and SM [some outrage over Barrie, Ontario youth conference workshop on safer sex practices in SM; some details].
P147 (v19n6)(Sept. 12, 2001): 26 (24cm.)
Supporting youth [Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Lethbridge (GALA/LA) has applied for grant for project, "First Contact"; purpose of project to make contact with schools in a wide area of southern Alberta and to help lesbian and gay teens connect for peer support; etc.].
P149 (v19n8)(Dec. 5, 2001): 11 (19cm.)
Sex-trade boys ignored [survey of 40 social services agencies in Calgary finds that society's attitudes are biggest barrier to boys getting assistance to get off the streets; they have difficulty finding services to help; mention that one researcher has applied for funding to study Alberta male sex workers; etc.].
P149 (v19n8)(Dec. 5, 2001): 13 (34cm.)
Billboards for queer youth [in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA); local group, "Time Out Youth," is promoting gay youth services with billboard advertisements].
P149 (v19n8)(Dec. 5, 2001): 22 (20cm.)
[First listing on Perceptions community groups ("In Your Area") pages for GLBT Alberta: Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Two-spirited rural youth outreach project, with phone and e-mail address and a Calgary postal address (compiler note: a similar youth outreach project listing, with different contact information, was listed in the Calgary section in earlier issues; that Calgary listing does not appear in this issue)].
P151 (v20n2)(March 13, 2002): 18 (1cm.)
Safer Maritime youth [programs in both Halifax and Ottawa aim to help gay youth, including gay street youth, by placing them in a safe, accepting environment; programs called "Safe Home" and "Host Home"; studies show approximately 42 percent of street youth are gay; other details].
P151 (v20n2)(March 13, 2002): 24 (25cm.)
Queer outreach [Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Lethbridge receives grant for "First Contact" project to help gay teens and young adults; also has established a bursary award program; various details].
P153 (v20n4)(June 5, 2002): 20 (19cm.)
Bullied teens at risk [recent study "cited in the May 2002 issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health" says gay teens bullied and harassed at school more likely to take risks with sexual health; data from the Youth Risk Behaviour Survey of 14- to 17-year-olds in Vermont and Massachusetts in 1995; other details].
P153 (v20n4)(June 5, 2002): 28 (21cm.)
Active group [report mainly on the new youth group recently started by Gay & Lesbian Alliance of Lethbridge and Area (GALA/LA) with funding from Alberta Community Council on HIV/AIDS; participants have named this group COLouRS -- Coming Out in Lethbridge -- Our Resistant Society; also some brief general information on GALA/LA].
P154 (v20n5)(July 31, 2002): 12-13 (22cm.)
Rural outreach [Gay and Lesbian Health Services, Saskatoon, has applied for funding for queer youth outreach project aimed at youth across the province; some details regarding need and plans for this service in areas of the province outside Regina and Saskatoon].
P154 (v20n5)(July 31, 2002): 13 (24cm.)
Enough is enough [report on the suicide of 18-year-old gay youth, Jamie Lazarre; when he moved to Prince George from the Nak'azdli reserve, he was harassed further at Prince George Secondary School, where staff "turned a blind eye to the bullying that was a constant reality for Lazarre and other gay students at the school"; names of other harassed students given; comments of the school principal and of a local lesbian researcher; other details].
P154 (v20n5)(July 31, 2002): 26 (36cm.)
. See also related Editorial, p. 3.
How much are the times a-changing? [author discusses situation with respect to queer youth; some things have changed, but "it's still a minority of our youth who feel safe enough to come out during their adolescence"; difficulty Gay and Lesbian Health Services has encountered in obtaining funding for rural queer youth project; gay bashings continue; etc.]. By Gens Hellquist.
P156 (v20n7)(Oct. 23, 2002): 6 (43cm.)
Supporting our youth [report that Gay and Lesbian Health Services, Saskatoon, about to begin new project aimed at reaching queer youth throughout the province; have received $47,500 grant from Community Mobilization Program of federal justice department; will initially establish support groups in Prince Albert and North Battleford].
P158 (v21n1)[cover misnumbered v201](Jan. 22, 2003): 19 (37cm.)
Different needs [brief report of study of young prostitutes in Calgary, male and female; research of Susan McIntyre, social worker and criminologist; needs of women and men "vastly different"].
P158 (v21n1)[cover misnumbered v201](Jan. 22, 2003): 20 (17cm.)
Supporting our youth [Gay & Lesbian Health Services well on way to developing groups for queer youth in Prince Albert and North Battleford; one-year project funded through Justice Canada; contact for those interested in volunteering with the groups; etc.].
P162 (v21n5)(July 23, 2003): 13 (33cm.)
Northern youth [announcing first meeting of new Prince Albert gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and two-spirit youth group, on November 15; development of group being facilitated by Gay and Lesbian Health Services, Saskatoon; other details and contact information].
P164 (v21n7)(Oct. 22, 2003): 13 (25cm.)
On the net [report that a Web site is being developed with resources for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and questioning youth; Calgary's Youth Resource Committee, the Cultural Resources Unit of Calgary Police Service, and "numerous gay and gay-supportive groups" have come together to develop the site, which "will be on-line by June of 2004"; other details and contacts].
P165 (v21n8)(Dec. 3, 2003): 10 (29cm.)
Under the rainbow [Edmonton educator, Kris Wells, accepting contributions for forthcoming book, to be titled Under the Rainbow: Stories and Strategies for Queer Youth and Their Allies in Canada; contact information].
P168 (v22n3)(April 21, 2004): 11 (15cm.)
I could not speak my heart [Regina report that western Canadian symposium, titled "I Could Not Speak My Heart: Education and Social Justice for Gay and Lesbian Youth," to be held Oct. 15-16, 2004; list of sponsors; keynote speaker: David L. McIntyre, composer and director of Prairie Pride Chorus; event will also feature book launch of I Could Not Speak My Heart, by James McNinch and Mary Cronin; contact and registration information].
P171 (v22n6)(Sept. 15, 2004): 10 (17cm.)
. See also display advertisement, p. 11.
Camp Fyrefly [Camp Fyrefly, a "first-of-its-kind event," held in Edmonton over Labour Day weekend for youth 14 to 25 from across the prairies; "fifty queer youth participated"; held at Bennett Centre; sessions on leadership skills, fighting homophobia through art, dating and relationships, and creating gay/straight alliances, etc; Kristopher Wells, co-organizer; other details].
P171 (v22n6)(Sept. 15, 2004): 11 (21cm.)