Censorship [and Canada Customs]. By Gens Hellquist.
P15 [1985]: 6 (34cm.)
Sex, lesbians and the printed word [including a brief history of lesbian publishing, debates in lesbian community over lesbian sexuality, etc.; some Canadian issues included]. By Jean H.
P22 [1986]: 9-12 (101cm.)
Canada Customs [and censorship of gay material] By Gens Hellquist.
P22 [1986]: 26-27 (36cm.)
[The Body Politic appeal against seizure by Canada Customs of lesbian sex video, which includes "Private Pleasures" and "Shadows"]. From Rites.
P26 [1986]: 9 (7cm.)
Canada Customs [Canadian Committee Against Customs Censorship (CCACC) challenging Canada Customs in court over banning of The Joy of Gay Sex]. By Gens Hellquist.
P28 [1986]: 28 (23cm.)
[Glad Day, Toronto bookshop, goes to court over The Joy of Gay Sex]. From Saskatoon Star-Phoenix.
P30 [misnumbered 29] [1987]: 12 (10cm.)
They strike again [Canada Customs and Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium, Vancouver]. From Angles and H. Chudyk.
P30 [misnumbered 29] [1987]: 29 (37cm.)
Tom, Jim & Canada Customs [personal account of author regarding seizure of some drawings by Tom of Finland; author's description of experience with the appeals procedure]. By Jim Graham.
P31 (March 11, 1987): 7-8 (53cm.)
Glad Day challenge [appeal of ban on importation of The Joy of Gay Sex went to Ontario District Court January 19]. From Rites/H. Chudyk.
P31 (March 11, 1987): 12-13 (41cm.)
Editorial: Crucial time at hand ["long awaited response to the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on Equality Rights is expected to be introduced any day in the House of Commons"; "must work to ensure that legislation is passed guaranteeing our rights" as well as working against censorship/inappropriate anti-pornography legislation]. By The [Perceptions] Collective.
P32 (April 29, 1987): 3 (31cm.)
BBC cancels school TV gay drama [two-part drama, "Mates," cancelled by Thatcher government].
P32 (April 29, 1987): 13 (10cm.)
Victory for Joy of Gay Sex [Judge Bruce Hawkins, Ontario District Court, rules book not obscene; book had been seized, with others, in December 1986 by Canada Customs from Glad Day shipment]. By Harold Chudyk.
P32 (April 29, 1987): 25 (36cm.)
Customs still having seizures [books for Glad Day Bookshop, Toronto, and Vancouver Women's Bookstore seized].
P35 (Sept. 9, 1987): 10 (8cm.)
Canada Customs sued [newsnote that British Columbia Civil Liberties Association will sue over Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium shipment seizure; mention of earlier Glad Day Bookshop, Toronto, issue concerning The Joy of Gay Sex].
P42 (June 29, 1988): 11-12 (19cm.)
Gay youth ads censored [Fresh Perspective, youth-run newspaper distributed to Toronto high schools, carried ad for Lesbian and Gay Youth Toronto; one junior high school principal burned papers; one Catholic high school threatened to destroy them; etc.].
P42 (June 29, 1988): 12-13 (21cm.)
Customs censorship. By Gens Hellquist.
P44 (Sept, 21, 1988): 21 (30cm.)
Continued Customs seizures [of Glad Day Bookshop, Toronto, shipments]. From newsnotes compiled by Gens Hellquist.
P45 (Nov. 9, 1988): 31-32 (24cm.)
[Canada] Customs taken to court [by B.C. Civil Liberties Association and Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium over "censorship of erotic literature"].
P58 (v8n5)(July 11, 1990): 12, 17 (13cm.)
No safer sex on campus [Memorial University of Newfoundland student newspaper, The Muse, published explicit guide to safer sex; "before it could be stifled," was picked up by Canadian University Press News Exchange and widely republished; controversy surrounding issue].
P64 (v9n3)(April 24, 1991): 12 (47cm.)
Fighting Customs [Canada Customs censorship being fought by Canadian Committee Against Customs Censorship, which won earlier case regarding The Joy of Gay Sex; Canada Customs continues censorship under internal memorandum D9-1-1; Committee has court date in new challenge; see also related article, "No Gay Sex," on same page, re printing of Alyson Publications work, Gay Sex].
P71 (v10n2)(March 18, 1992): 19 (31 plus 10 cm.)
We're "irrelevant"? [Ontario Divisional Court judge Frederick Hayes reserved judgement May 15 in case brought by the Canadian Committee Against Customs Censorship against Canada Customs use of Memorandum D9-1-1 for censorship of gay anal intercourse depiction; Crown argued that gays and lesbians were "statistically irrelevant" and couldn't be included in representation of national community standard; etc.].
P73 (v10n4)(June 10, 1992): 12, 17 (25cm.)
Gay sex: "obscene" [Glad Day Bookshop loses case on July 15; Judge Frank Hayes ruled all gay magazines seized were obscene; ruling based on Butler decision of Supreme Court of Canada; specific titles mentioned].
P75 (v10n6)(Sept. 16, 1992): 21 (24cm.)
Defining standards [court case regarding seizure of periodical, Bad Attitude, from Glad Day Bookshop has been heard; verdict expected February; some details of the trial].
P78 (v11n1)(Jan. 27, 1993): 20 (34cm.)
Lesbian mag obscene [Ontario court ruled February 16 that American lesbian magazine, Bad Attitude, obscene; charges had been laid against Glad Day Bookshop, Toronto; store fined $200; etc.].
P79 (v11n2)(March 10, 1993): 14 (22cm.)
Still seizing books [in July, Canada Customs seized more than 130 books destined for After Stonewall, gay bookstore in Ottawa].
P83 (v11n6)(Sept. 15, 1993): 20 (23cm.)
The fight against censorship: Little Sister's vs. Big Brother ["they have unlimited amounts of our money to spend against us"]. By Peter Millard.
P84 (v11n7)(Oct. 27, 1993): 6-7 (112cm.)
Continued harassment [Canada Customs continues detention of books destined for Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium; Canada Customs has stalled Little Sister's court case and expenses growing; etc.].
P86 (v12n1)(Jan. 26, 1994)[cover date Jan. 24/94]: 21 (30cm.)
Growing support [for Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium, Vancouver bookstore, in fight against Canada Customs censorship; court case will be heard Oct. 11; American Booksellers Association unanimously supported motion to end censorship at Canadian border; Canadian Bookseller's Association developing plan for donation to defense fund; etc.].
P90 (v12n5)(July 27, 1994): 22 (23cm.)
Editorial [concerning the actions of Canada Customs in seizing incoming materials, with reference to Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium and the piercing jewellery of a gay Vancouver businessman].
P91 (v12n6)(Sept. 14, 1994): 3 (13cm.)
Will they never stop? [Canada Customs again seizes print material by Canadians -- Bizarre Dreams anthology co-edited by Caro Soles of Toronto and published in New York, also a manuscript by Robert Lally on its way back from American literary agent; Alex Steele, Vancouver small businessman, had piercing jewellery shipments seized].
P91 (v12n6)(Sept. 14, 1994): 23 (16cm.)
Dignity [observations and comments of author, who attended opening of the trial, October 11, 1994, in which Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium sues Canadian Minister of Justice (Canada Customs) in British Columbia Supreme Court, Vancouver]. By Peter Millard.
P92 (v12n7)(Oct. 26, 1994): 4 (78cm.)
; see also related news report, titled "In court at last," P92:20
Anal sex OK now [says Canada Customs on Sept. 29/94 at pre-trial for Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium lawsuit against Canada Customs; etc.].
P92 (v12n7)(Oct. 26, 1994): 14 (16cm.)
Little Sister's in court [report of continuation of trial in British Columbia Supreme Court of lawsuit of Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium against Canada Customs; report of testimony of Pierre Berton, Nino Ricci, Pat Califia, and of Canada Customs spokespersons].
P93 (v12n8)(Dec. 7, 1994): 19 (56cm.)
Little Sister's: waiting for the verdict [in Vancouver court challenge of Canada Customs].
P94 (v13n1)(Jan. 25, 1995): 23 (23cm.)
No freedom to read [Fraser Valley Regional Library banned distribution of all free publications carrying advertising in an attempt to have free copies of gay periodical, Xtra! West removed from libraries; issue background and many details].
P95 (v13n2)[misnumbered v13n1 on contents page](March 8, 1995): 20 (34cm.)
Freedom to read restored [Fraser Valley Regional Library Board reverses decision to ban all free periodicals containing advertising; this ban was indirect attempt to keep out Xtra! West without appearing to discriminate; Board replaced earlier motion with one to place periodicals with sexually-explicit content out of sight; latest motion will go to vote after legal opinion obtained; etc.].
P96 (v13n3)(April 26, 1995): 21 (18cm.)
Pornography safe [two Queen's University professors find; study of effects on 91 Canada Customs officers who censor material; professors admitted confusion that no harmful effects shown, since material viewed considered so dangerous to Canadians].
P98 (v13n5)(July 26, 1995): 22 (12cm.)
Trek kiss cut [Halifax lesbian/gay community angry that ATV television network edited same-sex kiss scene from show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; not edited out in other part of the country].
P101 (v13n8)(Dec. 6, 1995): 23 (34cm.)
Lesbian ratings [When Night Is Falling: brief comments on film of lesbian love; Motion Picture Association of America has given it the most restrictive classification, NC-17; love scene "no more graphic or gratuitous than similar heterosexual scenes routinely included in PG-13 and R rated movies"].
P101 (v13n8)(Dec. 6, 1995): 25 (19cm.)
Victory for Little Sisters [Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium wins in B.C. Supreme Court against Canada Customs; details and background].
P102 (v14n1)(Jan. 31, 1996): 19 (48cm.)
Cash for Little Sister's [bookstore; B.C. judge orders that bookstore be paid $170,000 in court costs, orders Canada Customs to immediately stop detaining bookstore's shipments; etc.].
P104 (v14n3)(April 24, 1996)[dated April 26 on contents page]: 22 (26cm.)
Little Sister's saga unfolds [very brief newsnote about the ongoing Little Sister's -- Canada Customs issue].
P105 (v14n4)(June 5, 1996): 22 (7cm.)
Fighting the state [in which the author reports on a meeting with Janine Fuller, manager of Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium, Vancouver, and in which information on the struggle against Canada Customs, including the BC Supreme Court case, is presented]. By Gens Hellquist.
P111 (v15n2)(March 12, 1997): 6-7 (67cm.)
Homophobia alive and well [concerning homophobic activities of Surrey, B.C., school board; number of resolutions passed; additional activity regarding book banning and James Chamberlain].
P113 (v15n4)(June 4, 1997): 24 (39cm.)
Fighting book ban [group goes to court to fight Surrey, B.C., School Board ban of three gay-themed books from elementary schools; James Chamberlain, Murray Warren, and others named in article; other details].
P115 (v15n6)(Sept. 10, 1997): 25 (22cm.)
Censored again [BC Film Classification Branch seized a number of videos not classified; none pornographic (bookstore unnamed in newsnote)].
P116 (v15n7)(Oct. 22, 1997): 26 (8cm.)
Banning books [Calgary Public School Board bans two books; some details].
P117 (v15n8)(Dec. 3, 1997): 11 (39cm.)
Short of support [lawsuit against Surrey school board for book banning could use more financial help; James Chamberlain and Murray Warren are part of group taking Surrey school board to court; other details].
P117 (v15n8)(Dec. 3, 1997): 29 (21cm.)
Books back on shelves [in Calgary schools; two titles removed (Baby BeBop and Grima's Not the Only One); one now back on shelves].
P119 (v16n2)(March 18, 1998): 13 (8cm.)
Harassment continues [Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium, Vancouver, will be back to court March 23 to fight for dismantling system of censorship of incoming books and magazine, etc.].
P119 (v16n2)(March 18, 1998): 23 (20cm.)
Homophobes ban school books [newsnote of ongoing issue of Surrey, B.C., school board and banning of three gay-themed children's books].
P119 (v16n2)(March 18, 1998): 24 (22cm.)
Little Sister's battles on ["Customs has continued...barring, holding and destroying books and magazines destined for the gay/lesbian markets"; bookstore continues court fight].
P120 (v16n3)(April 29, 1998): 27 (20cm.)
; user might also examine the bookstore's display advertisement on same page.
Customs continues harassment [concerning seizures of shipments destined to Glad Day Bookshop, Toronto; reference also to the Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium court case, which is expected to take a considerable time].
P121 (v16n4)(June 10, 1998): 25 (14cm.)
Book ban in court [British Columbia Supreme Court began hearings June 29/98 concerning Surrey School Board's banning of three gay-themed children's books; case ended July 10, but decision later; some details].
P122 (v16n5)(July 29, 1998): 23 (42cm.)
Round two loss [for Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium against Canada Customs' power to seize imports; some details of arguments and ruling by BC Court of Appeal].
P122 (v16n5)(July 29, 1998): 24 (29cm.)
What's at issue with the Surrey school board? [concerning issue of banning of three gay-themed children's books, with discussion, more broadly, of meaning and implications]. By Prof. Don Cochrane.
P123 (v16n6)(Sept. 16, 1998): 6 (31cm.)
Queer considered immoral [Canadian Intellectual Property Office refuses Xtra! a trademark for "Queers Online" service; Brian Edmund of CIPO claims this is not censorship; Pink Triangle Press, parent company of Xtra!, will not appeal; etc.].
P123 (v16n6)(Sept. 16, 1998): 28 (20cm.)
Book ban overturned [BC Supreme Court overturns Surrey School Board ban of three gay-themed children's books; details, including titles of books].
P126 (v17n1)(Jan. 27, 1999): 24 (41cm.)
Surrey Board appealing [BC Supreme Court decision overturning school board's ban on three gay-themed books; opinions of various individuals reported, including those of gay teachers, James Chamberlain and Murray Warren, and of gay BC MLAs Ted Nebbeling and Tim Stevenson; etc.].
P127 (v17n2)(March 10, 1999): 23 (31cm.)
Back in court [newsnote that Supreme Court of Canada grants leave for Little Sister's bookstore to appeal judgment of their last appeal; "will be appealing the part of the judgment that...hadn't proven that the Customs Act infringes on its rights"].
P127 (v17n2)(March 10, 1999): 24 (12cm.)
Little Sisters may get support from L.E.A.F. [newsnote that Women's Legal Education and Action Fund, a leading Canadian feminist group, may play role in Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium anti-censorship case; decision expected around mid-summer].
P130 (v17n5)(July 28, 1999): 27 (11cm.)
Surrey bigotry continues.
P130 (v17n5)(July 28, 1999): 27 (9cm.)
Erotica and the feminist sex wars, part four [in which the author continues her discussion of the pornography issue; censorship is discussed with specific lengthy reference to the Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium, Vancouver, experience]. By Jean Hillabold.
P135 (v18n2)(March 8, 2000): 7-8 (78cm.)
Slasher on the loose [at southern Calgary Chapters outlet; "someone has destroyed hundreds of lesbian and gay books" in the past 18 months; damages books, which can then not be sold; details].
P135 (v18n2)(March 8, 2000): 12 (25cm.)
Back in court [Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium will be back in Supreme Court of Canada on March 16 in ongoing censorship battle with Canada Customs; brief history of case; information regarding some intervenors; etc.].
P135 (v18n2)(March 8, 2000): 23 (46cm.)
Erotica and the feminist sex wars, part five [this part is devoted primarily to a discussion of the author's experience as a member of the Saskatchewan Film Classification Board during the time of the Board's decision to ban Exit to Eden; significant and quite widespread results of this decision are presented from a personal perspective]. By Jean Hillabold.
P136 (v18n3)(April 19, 2000): 7-8 (64cm.)
Supreme Court decision pending [in case of Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium against Canada Customs interference; 14-year battle began in 1986; decision not expected for months; some brief details of arguments and some brief background].
P136 (v18n3)(April 19, 2000): 27 (34cm.)
More seizures [by Canada Customs; concerning Stonewall Bookstore, Ottawa, owned by former Saskatoon resident, David Rimmer; details, including titles of books held].
P139 (v18n6)(Sept. 13, 2000): 25 (19cm.)
Banning books [British Columbia Court of Appeal "has left both sides claiming victory" in September 20 ruling concerning three gay-themed books banned by Surrey School Board; Board is "controlled by Christian fundamentalists"; comments also concerning James Chamberlain].
P140 (v18n7)(Oct. 25, 2000): 25 (29cm.)
Little Sister's wins [Supreme Court of Canada ruled December 15, 2000 in favor of Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium, Vancouver; Canada Customs conducted fifteen-year harassment campaign against the bookstore; detailed report].
P142 (v19n1)(Jan. 31, 2001): 24-25 (75cm.)
Clever curll and other culprits: lust and reading under fire -- part 1 [a history of pornography and censorship from the 1500s to the late 1800s]. By Jean Hillabold.
P143 (v19n2)(March 14, 2001): 9-11 (103cm.)
Customs strikes again [experience of Saskatoon's Out of the Closet boutique at Gay and Lesbian Health Services; order for XY Survival Guide from American publisher seized by Canada Customs; one book had cover slashed; other details].
P143 (v19n2)(March 14, 2001): 21 (30cm.)
Seizure fits continue [by Canada Customs against Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium; now Canada Customs banning additional types of material; reference also to Glad Day bookstore in Toronto].
P143 (v19n2)(March 14, 2001): 26 (19cm.)
Clever curll and other culprits: lust and reading under fire -- part 2 [a historical overview and discussion of interrelated aspects of censorship, pornography, literature, and, later, feminism, from the late 1800s to the mid-twentieth century]. By Jean Hillabold.
P144 (v19n3)(April 25, 2001): 8-10 (105cm.)
Not a glad day [Glad Day, Toronto gay bookstore, charged with selling "pornographic video" not approved by Ontario Film Review Board; other details].
P145 (v19n4)(June 6, 2001): 27 (18cm.)
PrideVision censored right from the get go [slated to begin broadcasting Sept. 7; Shaw Cable, sole carrier in western Canada, has chosen not to make it available during free trial period; other details].
P147 (v19n6)(Sept. 12, 2001): 23 (17cm.)
Glad Day's battle not going well [Toronto GLBT bookstore has for over a year been fighting charges brought by Ontario Film Review Board for not submitting video for approval; Glad Day is arguing that policy discriminates against distributors of videos for minorities; details].
P149 (v19n8)(Dec. 5, 2001): 26 (19cm.)
Glad Day gains allies [in fight against Ontario Film Review Board; details].
P150 (v20n1)(Jan. 30, 2002): 26 (17cm.)
Leave our smut alone! [despite Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium having won previous cases, Canada Customs continues "seizing queer materials with impunity"; shortcomings in changed legislation; bookstore is tackling censors once again; details].
P151 (v20n2)9March 13, 2002): 25-26 (20cm.)
Book controversy continues [further information about the James Chamberlain and Surrey School Board controversy over three children's books with gay themes; BC Supreme Court support for Chamberlain overturned by BC Court of Appeal; Chamberlain will continue fight in Supreme Court of Canada on June 12, 2002; additional information on policy of Toronto District School board and opinion of Canadian Civil Liberties Association].
P153 (v20n4)(June 5, 2002): 27-28 (39cm.)
In the Court's hands [case of Surrey school board banning of gay-themed children's books is now in hands of Supreme Court of Canada; some details of arguments presented and comments of some of Supreme Court Justices; decision expected this fall].
P154 (v20n5)(July 31, 2002): 26-27 (33cm.)
Big Bother [Brother?] backs off [Vancouver newsnote on threat by BC Film Classification Office to punish Out on Screen Film and Video Society when Society announced they were opening 14th annual festival with Little Sister's vs. Big Brother; Office said Society had not obtained a permit; report of subsequent developments].
P155 (v20n6)(Sept. 11, 2002): 26 (14cm.)
Canuck Customs strikes again [Cherry, by Charlotte Cooper; shipment destined to Bleeding Rose bookstore in Victoria, B.C. seized and banned as obscene].
P156 (v20n7)(Oct. 23, 2002): 21 (12cm.)
Little Sister's vs. Big Brother [news report of the attempt by B.C. Film Classification Board to stop a screening on the opening night of Vancouver Queer Film and Video Festival; film was Aerlyn Weissman documentary, Little Sister's vs. Big Brother, about the battle of Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium of Vancouver against Canada Customs censorship].
P156 (v20n7)(Oct. 23, 2002): 23 (28cm.)
Surrey book ban banished [Supreme Court of Canada "has faulted the BC school board for siding with a group of parents who, based on their religious beliefs, did not want these books taught in their school"; Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin says religious views of some cannot be preferred over views of others and that "children cannot learn tolerance unless they are exposed to views that differ from those they are taught at home"; two dissenting judges were Michel Bastarache and Charles Gonthier; other details].
P158 (v21n1)[cover misnumbered v201](Jan. 22, 2003): 25 (45cm.)
Off to court again [Little Sister's versus Canada Customs; this time Customs confiscated two SM comic books; trial expected to begin in June; etc.].
P159 (v21n2)(March 5, 2003): 27 (28cm.)
Self-censored smut [February/March 2003 issue of On Our Backs has some items stickered over; Canadian distributor made decision when received advice about possible obscenity charges; photos are by "internationally famous photographer Fakir Musafar"].
P159 (v21n2)(March 5, 2003): 28 (21cm.)
Little Sister's and the giant -- again [report on another chapter in the ongoing fight between the bookstore, Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium, and the civil servants of Canada Customs, with some background to the present situation].
P160 (v21n3)(April 16, 2003): 26 (28cm.)
Surrey board bans bad grammar [after order from Supreme Court against them for banning books with positive portrayals of same-sex parents, Surrey School Board has banned the same books for imperfect English; Board has produced list of criteria they have used to again ban the books; details and reactions].
P162 (v21n5)(July 23, 2003): 27 (50cm.)
Glad Day glad for help with court day [Canadian Civil Liberties Union granted intervenor status in Glad Day Bookshop's appeal of conviction on year 2000 charge of selling video not passed by Ontario Film Review Board; court to hear appeal at end of October; details].
P164 (v21n7)(Oct. 22, 2003): 25 (23cm.)
Canada's censors censored [report on "two landmark rulings," in which "censors were told that they're out of step with what Canadians actually consider obscene"; all 20 counts against Vancouver's Sweet Entertainment, a maker of heterosexual videos for the Internet, were dismissed, and Glad Day Bookshop won its case against Ontario Film Review Board over a porn film, Descent, which had not been sanctioned by the Board; other details].
P170 (v22n5)(July 21, 2004): 27 (22cm.)
Feds to pay both sides [BC judge rules that federal government must pay legal fees of Little Sister's in fight against Canada Customs censorship; "Judge Elizabeth Bennett stated...that there is evidence of hundreds if not thousands of titles that Customs is detaining and that, of these, better than 70% are gay-themed. In her mind this was a clear case of targeted discrimination which goes well beyond just Little Sister's bookstore; the entire gay community is under attack"; "Customs must now prove that it has changed its ways and is not targeting the gay community"; other details].
P170 (v22n5)(July 21, 2004): 27 (25cm.)