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Archival Collections

Toronto Fisher Rare Books - One Box of Layton Material (scroll down to Layton, Irving to access their finding aid).

Concordia University Vanier Library Layton Collection - A very large collection of over 40 boxes that comprise a catalogue of letters, tapes, photographs, and manuscripts of the late Irving Layton.

Web Links Official Website

Irving Layton page at the National Archives of Canada (Living Memory site)

Poetry Heritage Canada  - Celebrating the Great Canadian Poets.

Irving Layton at the CBC Archives.  Clips of Irving Layton from CBC's history (may take a moment or two to load).

The National Library of Canada, "The Small Press Movement" -

Irving Layton reading his "There Were No Signs."

CBC RetroBites on YouTube shows an interview with Layton from 1979 on CBC Television: 

Spotting Layton, a spoken word homage to Irving Layton:

Me and Irving - Barbara Golden:

Layton has a cameo about 56 seconds into Part Two of Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. Leonard Cohen:

Bringing Irving Layton Wine - Patrick Wilson celebrates his birthdays by bringing Irving Layton a bottle of wine. This time, they decided to film it:

A music video of Max Layton's, son of Irving Layton, song "My Mom" discusses some personal family history:

Digital Tools  

Wordle is a digital visualisation tool that creates a word cloud from a selection of text with more frequent words becoming larger words in the image. The following is an example of a Wordle of the Music on a Kazoo drafts. One interesting feature is the large "Like" positioned near the bottom, perhaps indicating a high number of similes in the book, and the relatively large "poet" in the middle perhaps suggesting this work as self-reflexive. This visualisation does not interpret the work for a critic, but allows one to investigate perhaps otherwise overlooked avenues.

Books and Journals

Flynn, Kevin. “Balanced on Wooden Stilts and Dancing: What Irving Layton Taught Me about Leonard Cohen.Essays on Canadian Writing, no. 69 (winter 1999): 9-11.

Kevin Flynn is an Assistant Professor at the University of Saskatchewan.

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