See also relevant entries at EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS and at YOUTH


                 User can note also that Michel Dorais (below) is the author of some additional

                 works, not listed here, some of which concern child and adolescent sexual abuse.




“5 Teens Jailed for ‘Execution’.”  Vancouver Sun, November 27, 1985, p. A8.

                             Murder of Kenneth Zeller in Toronto.


Adam, Barry D.

            “Theorizing Homophobia.”  Sexualities 1(4) (Nov. 1998): 387-404.

                                    “Assesses contemporary theories of homophobia.  Structural,

                                    feminist, comparative, gender panic, queer, & sociohistorical

                                    theories…” – from Sociological Abstracts.

                                    Author affiliation: University of Windsor.


Adams, Michael, and Langstaff, Amy.

                        “New Canadians, Old Values? Politicians Who Open Their Mouths about

                        Sexuality and Sexual Mores May Get Bitten.”  Globe & Mail [Toronto],

                        March 2, 2005, p. A17  (1026 words).

                                                Ref.: CPI.Q index.

                                                Concerns Stephen Harper’s appeal to new immigrants and what he thinks

                                                are their more conservative moral values, concerning same-sex marriage,

                                                for example.  The authors take a closer look at whether there is a

                                                “values-match between Conservatives and new Canadians.”


Addressing Homophobia in relation to HIV/AIDS in Aboriginal Communities:

                        Final Report of the Environmental Scan 2004-05.  Principal investigator,

                        Art Zoccole; co-principal investigator, Janice Ristock; co-investigator,

                        Kevin Barlow; research coordinator, Joyce Seto.  Ottawa, ON: Canadian

                        Aboriginal AIDS Network, [2005?].

                        (113 p.)

                                                Available also as electronic (pdf) document at:


                                                NOTE: annotated bibliography, pp. 109-112, which includes

                                                Canadian items.


Aggarwal, Arjun P., and Gupta, Madhu M.

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            Canadian and American Law.”  Manitoba Law Journal 27(2000):



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            Mental and Physical Health Consequences, and Perceived Effectiveness

            of Support Services.”  M.A. thesis, University of Saskatchewan, 1997.

            (viii, 136 leaves)


Bals, Myriam.

            Etude exploratoire sur les attitudes, les sentiments et les connaissances d’élèves

            de secondaire IV et V de la région de Lanaudière, envers l’homosexualité et

            la bisexualité.  Sous la direction de Martine Martin.

            St-Charles-Borromée, QC: Direction de la santé publique, Régie régionale de

            la santé et des services sociaux de Lanaudière, 2001.

            (ca. 81 p.; ISBN 2894750889)


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     The Co$t of Homophobia: Literature Review on the Economic Impact of

     Homophobia on Canada.  Saskatoon, Sask.: Community-University Institute

     for Social Research, c2004.

     (66 p.)

                             Ref.: University of Saskatchewan Library catalogue, which displays a

                             summary giving, in part, that “[r]esearch was reviewed regarding

                             the negative results of homophobia on gays, lesbians and bisexuals (GLB),

                             and the economic impact of such negative effects….The reviewed research

                             showed that GLB and heterosexuals are equivalent in terms of

                             psychological and psychosocial health and functioning, but that GLB have

                             a shorter life expectancy and face health risks and social problems at a

                             greater rate than heterosexuals. The reasons for these increased problems is

                             the chronic stress placed on GLB from coping with society’s negative

                             responses and stigmatization.”

                             The University of Saskatchewan Library catalogue notes also an earlier

                             74-page publication of almost identical title: The Cost of Homophobia:

                             Literature Review of the Economic Impact of Homophobia on Canada

                             (Saskatoon, Sask.: Gay and Lesbian Health Services Saskatoon, c2001)

                             See also the following Banks entry.      


Banks, Christopher.

     The Cost of Homophobia: Literature Review on the Human Impact of Homophobia

                 on Canada.  Saskatoon, Sask.: Community-University Institute for Social

                 Research, c2003.

                 (81 p.)

                             Ref.: University of Saskatchewan Library catalogue, which displays the

                             following summary: “This study reviewed research related to

                             homophobia’s negative results on gays, lesbians, and bisexuals…

                             in terms of its human impact, which was defined as the number of

                             ‘pre-mature’ [premature] deaths caused by homophobia.”

                                    See also the preceding Banks entry.


Beauchamp, Diane L.

            L’orientation sexuelle et la victimisation, 2004.  Ottawa : Centre canadien de

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            (14 p.)

                        Ref. : AMICUS catalogue record no. 33963144.


Benedet, Janine.

            “Same-Sex Sexual Harassment in Employment.”  Queen’s Law Journal 26

            (Fall 2000): 101-141.

                                    Ref.: Index to Canadian Legal Literature description indicates

                             that this deals with both Canada and the United States.


Billy, Pierre de.

     “Et toi Savha?”  Justice 14(6) (été 1992): 41-42.

                  “Présentation du nouveau service d’accueil et d’accompagnement aux

                  victimes homosexuelles d’agression sexuelle à Montréal” – Repère résumé.


“Blaming the Victim: Intolerance Masquerading as Rights.”  Briarpatch 29(7)

            (September 2000): 8-9  (961 words).

About Scott Brockie, owner of a Toronto print shop, who refused a printing

job for Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.  Ontario Human Rights

Commission judged against him and fined him.

                                                See also, e.g., “Rights Board Fines Printer for Refusing Gay Business,”

National Post, March 3, 2000, p. A8 and “Printer Appeals Rights

Decision,” Globe and Mail [Metro ed.], December 10, 2001, p. A20.


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     “The Hand That Hits Is Not Always Male.”  Canadian Woman Studies 11(4)

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“Bookstore Bombings ‘Unsettling’.”  Globe and Mail, January 10, 1992, p. C3.

                  Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium, Vancouver.


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        “Probing Themes of Silence on Lesbian Partner Abuse: Exploring the

       Community’s Influence.”  MA thesis, Carleton University, 1995.

       (189 p.)

                     “A tradition of silence has and continues to constrain research on abuse

                     in lesbian communities” – abstract from Canadian Research Index.



Burgess, Allison.

                        “Disrupting Heterosexual Space? The Implementation of a Campus

Positive Space Campaign”  Thesis, Brock University, 2005.

                                                Ref.: Brock University Web page “Social Justice and Equity Studies,

                                                Student Research, Completed Theses and Major Research

Papers,” at 

(viewed October 20, 2008).


Burgess, Alison [Allison?].

                        “Queering Heterosexual Spaces: Positive Space Campaigns Disrupting

                        Campus Heteronormativity.”  Canadian Woman Studies 24 (2-3)

                        (Winter-Spring 2005): 27-30.

                                                Positive Space Campaign at Brock University increased queer

                                                visibility and reacted against campus homophobia. See the

Burgess thesis reference, above in this section.


Camargo, Robert J., and Loftus, John Allan.

        “Child Sexual Abuse among Troubled Clergy: A Descriptive Summary.”

                     Paper presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological

                     Association, 100th, Washington, D.C., August 14-18, 1992.

                     (33 p.; available in paper or on microfiche from EDRS, Springfield,


                     “Study participants were males who had sought treatment at Southdown,

                     a Canadian institution….”  Investigation included homosexual activity,

                     but was broader in scope – NISC Gay & Lesbian Abstracts.


The Campus Closet: Institutional Homophobia in Ontario Post-Secondary Education.

                                    Toronto: Ontario Federation of Students, 1991.

                                    (42 p.)

                                                            Contents: Part 1.  Homophobia on Campus / Jeff Orchard --

                                                            Part 2. Heterosexism and Homophobia in the Classroom / Rory Crath

                                                            and Peter Regier.  Bibliography: p. 41-42.


Carlson, Myrna L. (Myrna Lynn), 1961-

                        “Silenced Voices: Lesbians Healing from Partner Abuse.”  M.A. thesis,

                        Dalhousie University, 2002.

                                                Ref.: AMICUS catalogue record no. 28584026, which notes that

                                                this “analysis of lesbian partner abuse reports on research involving

                                                four interviews with case study participants who self-defined as having

                                                experienced abuse in an intimate lesbian relationship, and two focus group

                                                sessions with four community activists who had responded to lesbian

                                                partner abuse….” 


Cey, Robert Owen.

                                    “A Qualitative Investigation of Gay Men’s Experiences of Homophobic Violence

                                    and Verbal Abuse.”  M.Ed. thesis, University of Alberta, 2000.

                                    (ca. 149 leaves)

                                                            Spine title: “Gay Men’s Experiences of Homophobic Abuse.”


Chaimowitz, G. A.

                                    “Homophobia among Psychiatric Residents, Family Practice Residents and

                                    Psychiatric Faculty.”  Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 36(3) (April 1991):


                                                Draws on “questionnaire data from 19 psychiatric residents,

                                                            22 family practice residents, & 31 psychiatric faculty members in a

                        medium-sized Canadian medical school” –from Sociological Abstracts.


Challenging Homophobia: An Addendum to Skills for Healthy Relationships. 

                        [Kingston, Ont.]: Social Program Evaluation Group, Queen’s University, [1995?].

                        (1 v., various pagings)

                                                Ref.: AMICUS catalogue no. 27240196, which notes from title page of

                                                work that project sponsored by Council of Ministers of Education

                                                Canada and funded by the AIDS Education and Prevention Unit under the

                                                National AIDS Strategy, Health Canada.  Target audience given as

Grade 9.



“Challenging Homophobia in Schools.”  Teacher Librarian [Vancouver] 28(4)

              (April 2001): 27-30.

                                                            Brief annotated list of primary-level fiction; intermediate,

                                                            secondary, and adult fiction and non-fiction; parent and

                                                            professional resources; items on transgender issues; videos.  Only a

                                                            few items are Canadian.


Chambers, Stuart, 1966-

                        The Moral Minority: Identifying, Analyzing, and Exposing Homophobes.

                        Renfrew, Ont.: General Store Pub. House, [2005].

                        (125 p.; ISBN 1897113161)

                                                Ref.: AMICUS catalogue record no. 30909651, which applies descriptors

                                                Homophobia, Homophobia in literature, Mass media and gays, and

                                                Gay authors.


Champagne, Cheryl; Lapp, Ruth; and Lee, Julie.

                                    Assisting Abused Lesbians: A Guide for Health Professionals and Service

                                    Providers.  London, Ont.: London Battered Women’s Advocacy Centre, 1994.

(11 p.)


Charania, Gulzar Raisa.

                        “Regulated Narratives in Anti-homophobia Education: Complications in

Coming Out Stories.”  Canadian Woman Studies 24 (2-3) (Winter-Spring 2005):


                                                In addition to looking at the role of coming out stories in education

                                                programs, the author discusses how her identities as both lesbian and

                                                Muslim interact, making it difficult for lesbian identification.


Chesley, Laurie C.; MacAulay, Donna; and Ristock, Janice L.

               Abuse in Lesbian Relationships: A Handbook of Information & Resources.

               2nd ed.; Toronto Counselling Centre for Lesbians and Gays, 1992.

               (32 p.; ISBN 0969524919)


Chesley, Laurie C.; MacAulay, Donna; and Ristock, Janice.

               Abuse in Lesbian Relationships: Information and Resources = La violence dans

               les relations lesbiennes: information et ressources.  Edited by Cynthia

               Stewart.  Ottawa, Ont.: Health Canada = Santé Canada, 1998.

               (22, 25 p.; ISBN 066264719X; Microlog no. 100-03565, 1 fiche; in English

               and French)

                             An earlier work with same author/title, also available in English

                             and French, is cited immediately before this entry, with English

                             reference only given.


“Christian University Targets Gay Staffers: Code of Behaviour.”  National Post,

                                    July 4, 2001, p. A9.

                                                            King’s University College, Edmonton.


Church, Robin L.

                        “The Effects of Perceived Workplace Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual

                        Orientation on the Mentoring Relationships of Gay and Lesbian Proteges.”

                        Ph.D. dissertation, University of Toronto, 2006.

                        (101 p.; ISBN 9780494219409)

                                                “…examined in a sample of 479 employed gay men and lesbians in

                                                Canada and the United States….” – from abstract, ProQuest

                                                Dissertations & Theses, ProQuest document ID 1273114101;

                                                Publication no. AAT NR21940


Chutter, Kerry.

                        “Opening Our Awareness to Heterosexist and Homophobic Attitudes in Society.”

                        Relational Child and Youth Care Practice [Nanaimo, BC] 20(3)

(Fall 2007): 22-27.


Clark, Campbell.

                        “MP Says She is Sorry for Antigay Remark: Alliance’s Gallant Says She

Regrets Telling Graham, “Ask Your Boyfriend,” in House.” Globe and Mail

[Toronto], April 16, 2002, n.p.   (375 words)

                                                Ref.: CPI.Q index.

                                                The two people referred to in the title are:

                                                Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham (Liberal Party) and

                                                Cheryl Gallant, Alliance MP for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke (Ont.)


Clarke, Juanne N.

                        “Homophobia Out of the Closet in the Media Portrayal of HIV/AIDS

                        1991, 1996 and 2001: Celebrity, Heterosexism and the Silent Victims.”

                        Critical Public Health 16(4) (December 2006): 317-330.

                                                Ref.: PsycINFO index, which provides abstract and notes that the

                                                “paper presents the results of a critical discourse analysis of the

                                                portrayal of HIV/AIDS in the 20 highest circulating mass print media

                                                magazines in Canada in 1991, 1996 and 2001.”


Cohen, Jonathan.

              “More Censorship or Less Discrimination?: Sexual Orientation Hate Propaganda

                                    in Multiple Perspectives.”  McGill Law Journal 46(Nov. 2000): 69-104.


Committee on Lesbian and Gay Legal Issues and Rights.

                                    Submissions on Bill C-41.  Ottawa, Ont.: Canadian Bar Association, 1995.

                                                            Not seen.

                                                            Ref.: as given in Lahey, Are We ‘Persons’ Yet?, p. 421, ftnt. 26,

                        at which Lahey indicates that there are data in the document on

                        hate crimes against lesbians and gays.


“A Community in Fear: Gays in Montreal Live with Violence.”

        Maclean’s [Toronto ed.], November 29, 1993, pp. 12-13  (1140 words).

                     Concerns Warren Eling murder.  See also RELIGION: ANGLICAN

                     CHURCH section for other references.


Courtney, Joseph.

                                    “Gay Men at Work: The Experience of Violence and Discrimination in St. John’s,

                                    NF.”  Work-in-progress by Master’s candidate, Memorial University of

                                    Newfoundland, 2000.

                                                            Ref.: The Heterosexism Enquirer resources page, last revised

                                                            on August 1, 2000 and examined on January 20, 2003 at

               . The site offers some comments on

                        findings of the investigation.  Compiler has no more information.


Cramer, Elizabeth, ed.

                        Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses. 

                        Binghamton, NY: Harrington Park Press, c2002.

This is an American item. Included because review in PsycINFO index 

states that “the book also includes…case studies from the U.S.,

                                                Canada and Australia.” For that reason it may be of some interest to a

                                                user of this list. The book is a collection of articles wide ranging in

                                                subject. OCLC catalogue record notes that book co-published

                                                simultaneously as Journal of Lesbian Studies, vol. 6, nos. 3 and 4 (2002).


Dafnos, Tia.

                        “What Does Being Gay Have To Do with It? A Feminist Analysis of the Jubran

                        Case.”  Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 49(5) (Dec. 2007):

                        561+  (25 pages)

                                                Ref.: Expanded Academic ASAP index.

                                                Case of Azmi Jubran and Vancouver School Board. In this case

                                                concerning homophobic harassment and the resulting human rights

                                                complaint, apparently Jubran did not identify as homosexual.


Daniels, Susan Margaret.

                        “Attitudes towards Sexual Orientation: Adolescent Perspectives in

                        Newfoundland. ”  M.Ed. thesis, Acadia University, 2005.

                        (111 leaves; ISBN 0494057289 (microfiche))

                                                Ref.: AMICUS catalogue record no. 33224549, which includes

                                                descriptors Homophobia and Internalized homophobia.


Davidson, Judy.

                        “Homophobia, Fundamentalism, and Canadian Tolerance: Enabling Gay Games

                        III in Vancouver.”  International Journal of Canadian Studies, issue 35 (2007):



Davis, Laura M.

              “Homophobia/Homosexism and Gender Role Rigidity: A Study in the Social

               Construction and Control of Masculinity.”  MA thesis, Concordia University,


               (183 p.)

                             “Explores the connection between the higher incidence of gender role

                             rigidity and homophobia/homosexism in men.  Thirty in-depth interviews

                             were conducted with female and male undergraduate students at

                             Concordia University” – abstract from Canadian Research Index..


De l’illégalité à l’égalité.

               SEE entry at Québec (Province). Commission des droits…, in this section.


“A Devoted Priest, a Gay Man.”  Anglican Journal 120(3) (March 1994): 14-15

               (2487 words).

                             Concerns murder of Warren Eling in Quebec.  Earlier reports in

                             same journal, February 1994, p. 13;  Jan. 1994, p. 7;  and

                             Dec. 1993, p. 11.


Dopler, Tania Sharp.

               “Lesbophobia in Feminist Organizations: An Examination of the Effect of

               Organizational Structure and Sociopolitical Context on the Expression of

               Lesbophobia.”  MA thesis, Carleton University, 1997.

               (145 p.)

                             “Examines lesbophobia in feminist organizations in English Canada…

                             [and] argues that [it] is endemic…” – abstract from Canadian Research



Dorais, Michel.

               “Les conduites à risque de transmission du VIH chez des jeunes hommes ayant

               subi des agressions sexuelles et ayant des rapports homosexuels.”

               Revue sexologique 6(2) (automne 1998): 159-189.

                             “Recherche mettant en lumière les séquelles psychologiques de l’abus

                             et les patterns de conduite face au sida; quelques pistes pour la

                             prévention du sida auprès de ces victimes d’abus sexuels” – Repère



Dorais, Michel.

           “The Coping Strategies of Boys Who Are Victims of Sexual Abuse.”

           The Social Worker 64(3) (Fall 1996): 75-88.

                             Interview survey of 30 young men in Canada – from Sociological



Dorais, Michel.

              “Dérives intimes: les conduites à risque de transmission du VIH chez des

               jeunes hommes ayant subi des agressions sexuelles et ayant des rapports

               homosexuels.”  Intervention 106 (avril 1998): 20-34.


Dorais, Michel, et Verdier, Eric.

                        Petit manuel de gayrilla à l’usage des jeunes, ou, Comment lutter contre

      l’homophobie au quotidien.   Béziers [France?]: H&O, 2005.

                        (173 p.; ISBN 9782845471016)

                                                This may be same work as Sains et saufs [?], listed below.


Dorais, Michel, and Verdier, Eric.

                        Sains et saufs: petit manuel de lutte contre l’homophobie à l’usage des jeunes.

                        Montréal : VLB, 2005.

                        (ca. 176 p.; ISBN 2890059170)

                                                This may be same work as Petit manuel de gayrilla… [?], listed above.


Dowler, Ken.

                                     “Intolerance, Ignorance, and Insensitivity: An Examination of Anti-Gay Attitudes

                                    and Behaviours within a University Population.”  M.A. thesis, University of

                                    Windsor, 1999.

                                    (175 p.)


Driedger, Sharon D.

               “Fear and Loathing: A Brutal Murder Raises Concerns about Violence against

               Gays.”  Maclean’s [Toronto ed.], October 26, 1998, p. 78  (1290 words).

                             Wyoming, USA, murder of Matthew Shepard is starting point for

                             discussion of violence against gays in Canada.  Toronto murder in

                             1985 of Kenneth Zeller and other incidents referred to.


Emond, Ariane.

               “L’homophobie rampante.”  La Gazette des femmes 16(5) (mars-avril 1995): 14.


England, Mark.

               “Homophobia in Saskatchewan.”  Briarpatch [Saskatchewan] 17(3)

                (April 1988): 2.


“The Evil That Boys Do: Kenn Zeller’s Death.”  Globe and Mail [Metro ed.],

               May 1, 1986, p. 60+.

                             Murder of Kenneth Zeller in Toronto.


“Famous Players Drops Same-sex Advertisements: Movie Chain Decides on New

   Policy after Receiving Threatening Calls.”  Globe and Mail [Toronto ed.],

               February 19, 2005, p. A10.


Faulkner, Ellen.

                        “Anti-gay/lesbian Violence in Calgary, Alberta: The Impact on Individuals and

                        Communities.”  Report for the Gay and Lesbian Communities/Police Liaison

                        Committee.  Calgary, AB: Calgary Police Services, 2001.

                                                Ref.: E. Faulkner list of publications at Brock University, Department

                                                of  Sociology Web site, viewed October 21, 2008, at:



Faulkner, Ellen.

                        “Anti-gay/lesbian Violence in New Brunswick: The Impact on Individuals and

                        Communities.”  Report for Pride Fredericton, Fredericton, New Brunswick,


                                                Ref.: E. Faulkner list of publications at Brock University, Department

                                                of  Sociology Web site, viewed October 21, 2008 at:



Faulkner, Ellen.

               Anti-Gay/Lesbian Violence in Toronto: The Impact on Individuals and

               Communities.  Edited by Karen Baldwin and Deborah Hierlihy.

               Ottawa, Ont.: Dept. of Justice Canada, 1997.  (Technical Report TR 1997-5e

               of the Policy Sector, Research and Statistics Division, Dept. of Justice


               (79 p.)

                             “A project of the 519 Church Street Community Centre [Toronto] Victim

                             Assistance Program” – Toronto Public Library catalogue note.


Faulkner, Ellen.

                        “Homophobic Hate Propaganda in Canada.”  Journal of Hate Studies

                        5 (1) (2006/2007): 63-98.

                                                Ref.: E. Faulkner list of publications at Brock University, Department

                                                of  Sociology Web site, viewed October 21, 2008 at:


                                                Note that her list adds the following regarding this citation:

“Special Issue on Hate and Communication” and “Gonzaga University

School of Law, Institute for Action Against Hate.”


Faulkner, Ellen.

                        “Homophobic Sexist Violence in Canada: Trends in the Experiences of Lesbian

                        and Bisexual Women in Canada.”  Canadian Woman Studies 25 (1,2)

                        (Winter/Spring 2006): 154-161.

                                                Ref.: E. Faulkner list of publications at Brock University, Department

                                                of  Sociology Web site, viewed October 21, 2008 at:


                                                Note that her list adds the following regarding this citation:

“Special Issue ‘Ending Woman Abuse’ ”.

Additional ref.: CBCA index.


Faulkner, Ellen.

               “Lesbian Abuse: The Social and Legal Realities.”  Queen’s Law Journal 16

               (Summer 1991): 261-286.


Faulkner, Ellen.

                        “Researching Anti-gay/lesbian Violence in Canada: Methodological and

                        Definitional Issues.”  International Journal of Comparative Criminology

                        3 (2) (2004): 149-174.

                                                Ref.: E. Faulkner list of publications at Brock University, Department

                                                of  Sociology Web site, viewed October 21, 2008 at:


User can note that Faulkner published a paper with a more general title,

“Hate Crime in Canada,” in the same journal, vol. 2, no. 2 (2003): 239-

261, according to her publications list.                     


Faulkner, Ellen.

                        “Woman-to-woman Abuse: Analyzing Extant Accounts of Lesbian Battering.”

                        In Unsettling Truths: Battered Women, Policy, Politics, and Contemporary

                        Research in Canada, pp. 52-62.  Edited by George S. Rigakos and Kevin D.

                        Bonnycastle.  Vancouver: The Collective Press, 1998.

                                                Ref.: E. Faulkner list of publications at Brock University, Department

                                                of  Sociology Web site, viewed October 21, 2008 at:



Faulkner, Mary Ellen.

               “A Case Study of the Institutional Response to Anti-Gay/Lesbian Violence in

               Toronto.”  Ph.D. dissertation, University of Toronto, 1999.

               (269 p.)


Faulkner, M. Ellen.

                                    “Empowering Victim Advocates: Organizing against Anti-Gay/Lesbian

                                    Violence in Canada.”  Critical Criminology 10(2)(2001): 123-135.

                                                            “Provides an account of an emancipatory, community-based

                                                            response to anti-gay/lesbian violence in Canada by outlining

                                                            the model developed by The 519 Church Street Community

                        Centre Anti-Violence Programme [in Toronto]….” –abstract in OCLC



Faulkner, Mary Ellen.

               “Lesbian Battering and Feminist Theory.”  MA thesis, Queen’s University, 1991.

               (204 p.)

                             Has attempted to show “how feminist theories create a male violence

                             oriented construct through which it is difficult to explain lesbian

                             battering” – abstract from Canadian Research Index/UMI.


Fédération des CLSC du Québec.

               Consultation publique sur la discrimination et la violence dont sont victimes les

               lesbiennes et gais du Québec: mémoire déposé par la Fédération des CLSC

               du Québec à la Commission des droits de la personne du Québec.

               Montréal: la Fédération, 1993.

               (10 p.; ISBN 2921524317)


Field, Ann-M.

                        “Counter-hegemonic Citizenship, Hate Crimes and the Safety of Lesbians, Gays,

                        Bisexuals and Transgendered (LGBT) People in Canada, 1993-2003:

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                        (428 p.; ISBN 9780494083291)

                                                See also entry following, carrying similar title.

                                                “…focuses on Canadian citizenship and how the boundaries of this

                                                citizenship regime can be challenged to include groups who, despite

                                                being endowed with legal citizenship, remain outside the realm of

                                                substantive citizenship….The presence of [violence against LGBT

                                                people]…is an indicator that LGBT people are denied access to

                                                substantive citizenship….I argue that being safe is a necessary condition

                                                for the enjoyment of citizenship….” – from abstract, ProQuest

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                        USER NOTE: CSA Sociological Abstracts notes this article title as

                        having been published in Sciences Sociales et Santé 21(3) (Sept. 2003) :


                        “The cultural heritage of the province is marked by lingering Christian

                        fundamentalism.  This legacy is clearly epitomized by the 1990’s

                        campaigns of the weekly Alberta Report to challenge the rights of sexual

                        minorities….” – from abstract, America: History & Life index.

                        “Based on articles in the Alberta Report, the Edmonton Journal, and the

                        Calgary Herald, and secondary sources” – note in America: History &

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From Illegality to Equality.

        SEE entry at Québec (Province). Commission des droits…, in this section.


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“Lex Luthor Hearts Superman: Your Tax Dollars at Work,”

  National Post, Oct. 13, 2007 (viewed on line, October 6, 2008).

                                    See fuller entry at Battis in EDUCATION section, which references

                                    Battis’s response and items by Battis and Pearson in English Studies

                                    in Canada. Battis’s response to Fulford in the National Post, Oct. 15/07,

                                    mentioned “Battis’s work on at-risk gay and lesbian youth and the

history of LGBT teenlit” and “undertones of homophobia” in Fulford’s

article (response also viewed on line, Oct. 6, 2008)


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                           Toleration; protests; universities; Winnipeg; homophobia; freedom of



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                           Murder of Kenneth Zeller in Toronto.


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                                     (1 volume, loose-leaf)

                                                            Refs.: AMICUS catalogue record no. 27465535 and GALE BC

                                                            Web site at .

                                                            The GALE BC Web site “Resources and Publications” page states,

                                                            as of February 12, 2003, that “this resource includes lots

                                                            of practical lesson plans from K-12 as well as a rationale on why

                                                            schools need to teach about sexual orientation.  A comprehensive

                                                            background section on homophobia and heterosexism includes

                                                            information on: negative myths…, coming out issues, counselling

                                                            ideas, violence prevention strategies, dealing with anti-gay slurs

                                                            and how to support students by starting gay-straight alliances in


                                                            The interested user should explore this Web site more thoroughly

                                                            for information on events, meetings, publications, and much more.

                        The organization’s earlier publication, “Counselling Lesbian and Gay

                        Youth” [1996?] is apparently now out of print.


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                                    pagination not known.


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                           About Montreal students.


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                        (710 words).

                                                Ref: CPI.Q index.

                                                Concerns continuing reference to Gerald Hannon, many years after

his publication of  several articles about gay youth and consent issues.

Hannon is quoted: “It’s funny how this thing never dies. It settles down

for a while, and then it surfaces again,” as a “tissue of truths, half-truths

and outright lies.”  Hannon is a Toronto journalist.


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                                                Ref. CBCA index.


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                                                Ref.: AMICUS catalogue record no. 33416231, which gives

                                                added title: Vers une stratégie nationale de lutte contre


                                                Running title: Rapport de consultation du Groupe de travail mixte

                                                contre l’homophobie.

Document adopted by the Commission “lors de sa 520e séance

tenue le 19 janvier 2007….”

                                                AMICUS record 34011949 is record of electronic version of document

                                                (102 p.) with access restricted to subscribing institutions.


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                 York University, 2006.

                 (ISBN 9780494295663)

                               Ref.: AMICUS catalogue record no. 33839706

                               The following is excerpted from summary in the AMICUS record:

               On February 5, 1981… one hundred and fifty police officers 
raided four gay bathhouses. During these raids, queer bodies and desires
came to be constructed as diseased, perverse and criminal. To help
understand why this is the case, I set the raids against the backdrop of 
Michel Foucault's conception of biopolitics…”


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                                    Lead author with British university; Canadian-trained.  PsycINFO

                                                            “population” and “identifier” fields give “Canada”

                                                            The book is vol. 4 of Psychological Perspectives on Lesbian and

                                                            Gay Issues.


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                             Lead author at a British university, Canadian-trained.


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                        “Gay Man Attacked in Vancouver: Suspect Charged in Brutal Assault.”

                        Xtra! [Toronto], October 9. 2008, p. 15.

                                                Gay press items are normally not included in the bibligraphy.

Compiler comment: This exceptional inclusion is not meant to suggest

that gay bashing has become a rare or unusual occurrence. On the contrary,

inclusion points out that, once again, this crime has occurred, even at a late

date in this list, and that resolution of its causes has yet to be reached in our

society. See Janoff’s Pink Blood and other references elsewhere in the list,

and also references to homophobia in the online Perceptions [Saskatoon]

index, mounted at the “Saskatchewan Resources for Sexual Diversity”

Web site of the University of Saskatchewan Library (or see a print copy of

that  index, held by some libraries).


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                                                “This study included 783 LB (lesbian and bisexual) women in

                                                same-sex relationships.  Participants were required to meet several

                                                criteria…[including that they be] residents of either the United States or

                                                Canada….” – from abstract, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, ProQuest

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     (386 p.; ISBN 014013929X)

                             Mount Cashel Orphanage, St. John’s, Nfld., and child sexual abuse.

                             The user is asked to keep in mind the clear difference between

       pederasty (which is primarily other-sex, and not same-sex) on the

       one hand, and consensual adult sex (both hetero- and homosexual).


Harrison, Spencer J.

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                                                Ref.: AMICUS catalogue record no. 28545184, which notes descriptors

                                                Gay men – Crimes against – Canada and Lesbians – Crimes against –



Hate Activities: Communities Can Respond.  Toronto: Community Advisory

       Committee on Anti-Hate and Anti-Racism, 1996.

       (90 p.)

                     Broader than scope of this bibliography.  Includes issues of racism

                     and homophobia.


Hate Bias Crime Statistical Report. 

     Toronto: Toronto Police Service, Hate Crime Unit  (annual)

                             Title varies slightly and often begins with the year. For example,

                             2002 Hate Bias Crime Statistical Report ; 2001 Annual Hate/Bias

                             Crime Statistical Report.  Broader than scope of this bibliography,

                             but includes reported hate crimes concerning “sexual orientation.”

                             2002 report gives table of incidents reported annually since 1993.


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       “Homophobia in a Small Town.”  Journal of Comparative Sociology and

     Ethics, 1996-1997, 23-24, 28-36.

                             Citation presented exactly as it appears in Sociological

       Abstracts (accession no. 9713917).  Compiler uncertain if 23-24 is

pagination or issue numbers, and was unable to verify.

                             “Examines the ways in which religious institutions both resist

                             & reinforce cultural norms & taboos.  A case study is presented that

                             focuses on the debate over the ordination of self-professed homosexuals

                             in the United Church of Canada.  Editorials are presented from the

                             Sackville Tribune-Post, published in Sackville, New Brunswick…”—

                     from Sociological Abstracts.


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                                                Ref.: CPI.Q index, which notes that this concerns homophobia and



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               (160 p.)


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                                    Ref. CBCA FullText Education electronic index.

                                    Named bodies: British Columbia Teachers’ Federation;

                     Surrey School Board.


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                             About a Toronto hospital.


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                                                From CPI.Q reference: Sex Research Update, Alexander McKay.


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                             Yves Lalonde.


Intersyndicale des femmes.

               La violence faite aux femmes dans les milieux de travail: la discrimination faite

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                        (332 p.; ISBNs 0802087817 and 0802085709)

                                                Also available in French translation as:

                                                Pink blood: la violence homophobe au Canada: essai.  Traduit de

                                                l’anglais sous la direction de Diane Archambault.  Montréal :

                                                Triptyque, 2007  (411 p.; ISBN 9782890315990; AMICUS catalogue

                                                record no. 33443139)

                                                NOTE that English version was entered in earlier Gay Canada

                                                edition only in annotation to Janoff’s university thesis entry, given below.


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            (ca. 233 leaves)


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                                                Ref.: AMICUS catalogue record no. 33859974, which provides electronic

                                                address for document (given below) and also abstract.


(viewed September 30, 2008)


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                                                reasons why mainstream society cannot bear homosexuality, or any

                                                expression of resistance to heteronormativity….”

                                                Ref.: ERIC document no. EJ768614


“The Kiddie-Porn Ring That Wasn’t: The Citizens of London, Ontario Were

               Horrified When Police Announced They Had Cracked a Case in which a

              Group of Homosexual Men Were Sexually Exploiting Children for Profit, but

               within the Gay Community, Word Soon Got Out That the Situation Was Not

               What It Seemed.”  Globe and Mail [Metro ed.], March 11, 1995, pp. D1, D5.


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                             Richard Niquette in Quebec.


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                                                Concerns passage of Bill C-250 by Parliament (for reference to

which see LAW section, Year 2004 at “Criminal Code (hate propaganda)” entry)


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                                    Named persons: Rachel Aitcheson; Jill Hornick.

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For Stay,”  Globe and Mail [Metro ed.], October 23, 2001, p. A18 (351 words)


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                             Includes homosexuality, according to indexing descriptor.


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                        Is Linked to Its TV Movie about a Gay Teenager Who Won the Right to Bring

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                             This investigation analyzes data in several ways, including in terms

                             of heterosexuality and homosexuality.


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                             Steven Myskew case.


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                                                Ref.: CSA Sociological Abstracts, which notes: “…explores two

                                                ‘gay bashings,’ the murders of Alain Brosseau & Aaron Webster.  In

                                                both cases, we argue that the application of anti-hate crime legislation

                                                reveals the troubling nature of attempts to legally fix sexual identities….”


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                                                Refs.: Expanded Academic ASAP index and LegalTrac index.

From LegalTrac abstract: “Recognition of the emotions underscoring a

demand for law challenges the foundational assumption about the nature

of law...[as] quintessentially associated with reason and rationality.”


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                             “About the ways in which thirteen families with lesbian mothers deal

                             with the impact of social homophobia” – abstract from Canadian Research



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                             Article “outlines the Holistic Circle Healing Program, which is used in

                             Hollow Water, a small village of about six hundred people, most of whom

                             are Aborigines, in Manitoba….It is estimated that 80 per cent of the

population of that community, male and female alike [compiler’s

emphasis], have been the victims of sexual abuse…” – NISC Gay &

Lesbian Abstracts.

                             Available also in various electronic archives, including:

                    . Other sources

                             in the abstract.


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                                    from Expanded Academic ASAP index.


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                             About murder of David Buller at University of Toronto.  See also the

                             reference immediately following and the Hannon citation, in this section.


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                             Murder of David Buller, an artist and fine-arts lecturer.  There is

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                             in his work.  See especially the Hannon article with regard to

                             journalistic considerations.


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and all those cases remain unsolved.”


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                                                homosexuality through use of various TV cartoon characters, including

                                                Spongebob Squarepants.


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            SEE VIDEOS section of this list.


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                                                also available on the Internet. A second AMICUS record, no. 34013045,

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                                                Descriptors concern service in Quebec to adolescent homosexuals and

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                                    Broader than subject of bibliography.  Degree of relevance not



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                                                A “Local News” item in this Toronto glbt newspaper, which notes:

                                                “Police forces may be encouraging gays to report hate crimes, but even the

             cops say the courts aren’t using the laws to their full extent.”


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                             Murder of Kenneth Zeller in Toronto.


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                             Broader than scope of this bibliography.


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                             Broader than scope of this bibliography.  “The purpose of this

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                             Canada, B’nai Brith of Canada, and gay/lesbian community groups….”

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                                    S.H.S. Hughes, Commissioner, investigated complaints against the Mount

Cashel Orphanage and about sexual abuse of young people by Roman

Catholic clergy.  See also the VIDEOS section for The Boys of St. Vincent.


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                                                This periodical issue is special issue: LGBTQ Youth in Child Welfare.


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                             “Assesses the nature and extent of anti-lesbian/gay violence, using the

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                             Greater Vancouver….The survey data reveal that the vast majority…

                             have faced some form of discrimination or harassment or have been

                             bashed due to their sexual orientation.”  Looks at who are most likely

                             victims.  “Largest and most comprehensive examination of homophobic

                             violence in Canada to date [of study]” – abstract from Canadian Research



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                                    Ref.: CBCA electronic index, which applies “youth” as one



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                                                Ref.: AMICUS catalogue record no. 33506933, which carries lengthy



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Somerville, Margaret.

The user might wish to examine the Girard article from the Toronto Star and two

works of Somerville, all three referenced in the SOCIOLOGY section in the



Sortir ses couleurs: diversité sexuelle et ethnoculturelle: actes des colloques des 29 mai et

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                             large metropolitan area.  Most victims were young gay men, many of

                             whom had physical or cognitive disabilities…” – NISC Gay & Lesbian


                             Compiler can not vouch for Canadian content, but indexer has applied

                             geographic descriptor “Canada” to article.


Suivi des recommandations du rapport De l’illégalité à l’égalité.

        SEE note to entry at Québec (Province). Commission des droits…, in this section.


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            (1 sound cassette; ca. 90 min.)

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            SEE La peur de l’autre en soi


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