Additional Resources

Here you will find some additional resources concerning Anne Szumigalski. 


Hearing Anne Szumigalski. George Elliot Clarke's 2004 Keynote address at Sage Hill Writing Experience, a Saskatchewan writing program.

Anne Szumigalski's Profile at U of C.  Includes information about Szumigalski's publications and some critical response to her work.

Anne Szumigalski Poetry Project: from the Atwater Library and Comuter Centre.  Audio of readings of Anne's poetry available.

Spotlight on Anne Szumigalski at saskpublishers.  Some of Anne's work and audio available.

Anne Szumigalski at Canadian Women Poets. Extensive list of Anne's publications and criticism regarding them.

Mark Abley, editor of When Earth Leaps Up, a posthumous collection of Szumigalski's poetry, is interviewed and reads Szuimgalski's poetry:


Poem enactment of Szumigalski's "On Loneliness:" New!

Digital Tools 

Wordle is a digital visualisation tool that creates a word cloud from a selection of text with more frequent words becoming larger words in the image. The following is an example of a Wordle of Szumigalski's Untitled One Act Play."  One can analyse the word frequency easily with this visualisation and this may yeild some interesting results.  For instance, the word "white" appears relatively large, might that colour act as a symbol in the play?  This visualisation cannot answer questions, but it can help researchers pose new ones.