Digitized Content

Szumigalski Collection ImageSeries II. Folder 2: Typescript of Anne's second book A Game of Angels (1980), bound and formerly kept by a provincial resource centre, with a short note to Mark Abley from Dianne Warren of the Saskatchewan Arts Board. 

Series II. Folder 5: Several bibliographical and biographical documents. The most important is headed "Bibliography: Anne Szumigalski." Presumably  created after Anne's death (for instance, it mentions the film that was released in 2000); compiled by persons unknown. The document is reasonably accurate, though not comprehensive - e.g., it lists only five items under "Editorial work," although Anne edited or co-edited more than 20 books. Some pages were annotated by hand by Mark Abley when he was researching A Woman Clothed in Words. For example, "DoS" beside a magazine listing means that the poem was eventually published in Doctrine of Signatures, "Glassy" means it was eventually published in On Glassy Wings, etc.

This folder also contains two short bios, presumably drawn up by Anne herself, and an (incomplete) list of works that Anne edited. There is a list of her publications in anthologies (annotated by Abley during his research). Finally, there is a handwritten page by Mark Abley listing her poetry collections, the number of poems in each, and how many of them had been published in earlier books (not something that Anne went out of her way to advertise).

Series II. Folder 12: The earliest publications that I've been able to trace, from 1961-2. Two poems in Canadian Forum, along with copies of two letters to "Mr. Szumigalski" from the managing editor. And poems from three issues of Delta, along with an author's note on the back cover, after which Anne apparently sent no more poems there. These poems are very different in style from what would appear more than a decade later in Anne's first book. 

Series II. Folder 13: One of the rare occasions when Anne entered into a public argument. This file contains photocopies of an essay in Grain by Mark Abley (mentioning Anne), an attack on Abley by David Arnason in the following issue, and a defence of Abley by Anne in the issue after that. 

Series III. Folder 3: Two versions of an untitled, unperformed play. It was often referred to as Nursey. Anne was working on it in the 1990s (though she may have begun it earlier).

Series III. Folder 6: A typescript (with some handwritten changes) of two plays from the Catalan language that Szumigalski co-translated in the 1990s. Elisabet Ràfols Sagués, originally from Barcelona, had moved to Saskatoon, and she and Szumigalski collaborated on several translations. (Others appear on the diskettes included in Series IV.) Also the program of the Persephone Theatre production of these two plays from 1997.  

Series III. Folder 8: A couple of fragments from Job, another projected collaboration between Bob Haverluck and Anne Szumigalski. The file on Szumigalski's diskette is extremely short. The longer fragment here is mostly in Bob Haverluck's hand, but it contains three pages of Szumigalski in the middle. Some "Job stuff" appears again in Folder 17.  

Series III. Folder 18: An untitled essay on language, found in a few places on Szumigalski's diskettes with no indication as to whether it was ever published. It may have been a draft essay for use in her quasi-memoir The Word, The Voice, The Text (1990). Or it may have been the abandoned beginning of a follow-up project.