Postcard Views of Indigenous Peoples
1. III-79 Indians in Parade, Fourth Avenue So.,
Lethbridge, Alta. Canada.
2. VII-101.004 Totem Pole and Streets, Nanaimo, B.C.
3. VII-101.005 Indian Canoe, Nanaimo, B.C.
4. VII-101.021 Totem Poles, Alert Bay, Vancouver Island, B.C.
5. VII-101.048 Totem Pole, British Columbia
6. VII-101.113 Indian Totem Poles, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.
7. VII-101.114 Totem Poles, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.
8. VII-101.115 Totem Pole, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.
9. VII-101.116 Totem Pole, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.
10. VII-101.143 Totem Poles, Alert Bay, British Columbia
11. XXIX-102.380 Indian Industrial School, Brandon, Manitoba.
12. LXX-32 Western Indians in Tribal Dress, in front of their teepees.
13. LXX-80 Indian Powwow. Qu'Appelle, N.W.T., Canada.
14. LXX-138 Indian Tea Dance, Battleford, Sask.
15. LXX-139 [Native Couple], Carlyle, Sask.
16. LXX-140 Souix [sic] Indians at Prince Albert, Sask.
17. LXX-141 Cree Indians, Carlyle, Sask.
18. LXX-142 Indian Family In Saskatchewan.
19. LXX-143 Cree Indians, Regina, Sask.
20. LXX-180 Indian Parade For Laurier, Pr. Albert, Sask.
21. LXX-224 Indian Mode of Travel, N.W.T. Canada.
22. LXX-1197 Qu'Appelle Industrial School, Lebret, Sask.
23. LXX-1198 Qu'Appelle Industrial Garden, Lebret, Sask.
24. LXX-1199 Qu'Appelle Industrial School, Lebret, Sask.
25. LXX-1200 The Mission, Lebret, Near Indian Head, Sask.
26. LXX-1201 Industrial School, Qu'Appelle Valley, Sask.
27. LXX-1202 Qu'Appelle Industrial School 1907.
28. XXXII-222.001 Cree Indian, With Traverse, Canadian North-West.
29. XXXII-222.002 Moose Mtn [Mountain] Indians.
30. XXXII-222.003 Indian Scouts.
31. XXXII-222.004 An Indian Encampment on the Prairie.
32. XXXII-222.005 Blackfoot Indian Braves.
33. XXXII-222.006 Indian Stockade and Village, Sarcee Reserve near Calgary, Alta.
34. XXXII-222.007 An Indian Study (Full Dress) Western Canada.
35. XXXII-222.008 Wigwam and Red River Cart.
36. XXXII-222.009 Blackfoot Chiefs.
37. XXXII-222.010 A Sarcee squaw.
[Two Sarsi women in front of tipis.]
38. XXXII-222.011 Blackfoot Brave and Pony, on Canadian Pacific Railway.
39. XXXII-222.012 Micakiu (and) Mucayiomoxin Okokeman, Sarcee Squaws.
[Two Sarsi women, with child and infant.]
40. XXXII-222.013 Indian Ceremonies, Blackfoot Indians, Canadian North-West.
41. XXXII-222.014 Winnipeg Jack, Blackfoot, Canadian North West.
42. XXXII-222.015 Indian Braves, Calgary, Alta.
43. XXXII-222.016 Grand Parade of Blackfoot Indians.
44. XXXII-222.017 Stony Indian In War Costume, Canadian Northwest.
45. XXXII-222.018 Indian Chief, Sitting Bull.
46. XXXII-222.019 Eagle Feather, Wife & Son.
47. XXXII-222.020 Scene from the Canadian North West. Indian Camps.
48. XXXII-222.021 Mustatem Moutiapec (Horse Roots), Cree Indian.
49. XXXII-222.022 Ojibway Indians. Highlands Of Canada.
50. XXXII-222.023 Scene from the Canadian North West.
[Woman standing in front of tipi.]
51. XXXII-222.024 Indian Chiefs, Canada.
52. XXXII-222.025 An Indian Family Moving Camp, Western Canada.
53. XXXII-222.026 Old Time Piegan Squaw with Travors and Papoose.
[Piegan woman with travois and child]
54. XXXII-222.027 Medicine Lodge. Blackfoot Indians.
55. XXXII-222.028 Medicine Lodge. Blackfoot Indians.
56. XXXII-222.029 The Horn Society of Alberta Indians.
57. XXXII-222.030 Chief Running Wolf and Party of Blackfoot Braves.
58. XXXII-222.031 Souwangesheick And His Squaws, Cree Indians.
[Portrait of Cree people: man and two women.]
59. XXXII-222.032 Indian Encampment, Canadian North-West.
60. XXXII-222.033 Blood Squaws in War Dress.
[Five aboriginal people on horseback.]
61. XXXII-222.034 [Studio Portrait of Indian Woman.]
62. XXXII-222.035 Indian Creas [sic] Reserve near Duck Lake.
63. XXXII-222.036 The Sioux Dance.
64. XXXII-222.037 A Cree Indian Brave.
65. XXXII-222.038 A Pair of Dusky Dudes.
66. XXXII-222.039 Gussie Goodstoney and Sisters, Stoney Indians.
67. XXXII-222.040 The Chief's Squaws. [Native women and children.]
68. XXXII-222.041 Family of Stony Indians, Canadian North-West.
69. XXXII-222.042 Best Wishes From Canada, Indian Types.
70. XXXII-222.043 Indian Chiefs, North Vancouver, B.C.
71. XXXII-222.044 "Kamsack" [Handwritten Title] [Women and Children.]
72. XXXII-222.045 Sarcee Squaws, Western Canada. [Two Sarsi women in front of tipi.]
73. XXXII-222.046 Chief Joe Healy and Braves.
74. XXXII-222.047 Chiefs Campbell & Black, with Families.
75. XXXII-222.048 Indian Encampment, Lake of the Woods, Ont., Canada.
76. XXXII-222.049 The White Man's Fancy. The Red Man's Fact. Niagara Falls.
77. XXXII-222.050 Indian Industrial School, Brandon, Man.
78. XXXII-222.051 Sarcee squaw and pony. [Sarsi woman with pony and travois.]
79. XXXII-222.052 Cree Indians and Camp.
80. XXXII-222.053 Brothers in Exile. [Two babies.]
81. XXXII-222.054 Tribulation. [Crying baby.]
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