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Gay Pride Flag Saskatchewan Resources for Sexual Diversity
Saskatchewan Resources for Sexual Diversity

Celebrating a History of Diversity:

Lesbian and Gay Life in Saskatchewan, 1971 - 2006
A Selected Annotated Chronology

The 1980s


February 9 Regina
The Lesbian Association of Southern Saskatchewan (LASS) was established to “create an alternative space for lesbians.” The principal activity of the group has been monthly lesbian potluck suppers. During the initial period these non-alcoholic suppers were held at the Regina Women’s Community Centre, the Cornwall Street Tutoring Project and the Cathedral Neighborhood Centre. Later the events were usually held in members’ homes and have continued to the date of this compilation.
[Lesbian Newsletter, (June 1984)]
March Regina
The Lavender Social Club was formed to improve social opportunities for Regina and area lesbians. Its main focus has been the organization of women’s dances and events usually in rented halls and more recently at the Broad Street facility of the Gay and Lesbian Community of Regina (GLCR). The group is still active in 2005.
[Lesbian Newsletter, (June 1984)]
March Saskatoon
Perceptions cover Perceptions was formed with the amalgamation of Gay Times, the newsletter of GLSS, and GAZE, the newsletter of the Gay and Lesbian Community Centre. The new independent magazine was formed to communicate news, ideas and opinions within the LG community. At first it was focused on Saskatoon but gradually expanded its view to the whole prairie region. At the time of this compilation the magazinewas Canada’s longest continuing LG publication and had subscribers and drop-off points across the prairies. Hundreds of volunteers have participated in the writing, production and distribution of the magazine. Gens Hellquist has headed the editorial collective during most of its history.
[Perceptions, no. 1 (March/April 1983)]
May - June Saskatoon
Mary Murphy of the Saskatoon Public Library and Neil Richards of the University of Saskatchewan Library prepared Out on the Shelves. A Selection Guide to Lesbian and Gay Fiction. The Canadian Library Association published two editions of the guide.
[Perceptions, no. 2 (May/June 1983) p. 2.]
May 6 Saskatoon
Lesbian historian Frances Rooney presented a slide show Finding Lesbian History at the Saskatoon Public Library. The show was also presented in Regina with sponsorship from LASS.
[Perceptions, no. 2 (May/June 1983) p. 14.]
June 2-3 Saskatoon
The Mendel Art Gallery presented a retrospective of the work of the celebrated American experimental film director Kenneth Anger. The artist attended the event.
[Perceptions, no. 2 (May/June 1983) p. 5.]
June 25 Saskatoon
Gasoline was set alight at the front and back doors of Numbers club shortly after midnight. The club was safely evacuated and there was little damage to the building. Patrons chased down and apprehended a suspect who was later acquitted in a jury trial for arson. The presiding judge said that the defendant was a very lucky man.
[Perceptions, no. 3 (July/August 1983) p. 9.]
July 4 Saskatoon
Peter McGehee performed his autobiographical comedy Beyond Happiness: the Intimate Memoirs of Billy Lee Belle at the Bassment.
[Perceptions, no. 4 (September/October 1983) p. 5, 7.]
September 2 Saskatoon
Numbers moved to 493A 2nd Avenue North and reopened with an appearance by Mr. Leather. The club was very popular among gay men.
[Perceptions, no. 4 (September/October 1983) p. 3.]
December 9 Regina
Deca-Dance, a private dance club opened upstairs at 2300 Dewdney Avenue. It closed in February 1984.
December 13 Saskatoon
A group initiated discussions about working with the Community Health Unit on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The ad hoc group included Roger Carriere, Barb Clay, Erin Shoemaker, and Malcolm Spencer.
[Perceptions, no. 6 (January/February 1984) p. 7.]