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Saskatchewan Resources for Sexual Diversity


A Bibliography and Videography, 1984-2008.
Revised and expanded ed.;
compiled by Alex Spence, 2009

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You can browse the sections of GAY CANADA or, alternatively, search
using your own defined search string. Searching is briefly described below. You may
work with either the full pdf document posted at the Printable copy link or directly with
individual document sections (e.g., EDUCATION or HISTORY) accessible through the
Table of Contents link.

The simple search capability permits you to move through the document or section,
retrieving, one by one, occurrences of the search string you have defined.
(In composing your search string, it would be best to pay attention to blank spacings,
lead and final spaces, punctuation, and capitalization, as these might sometimes, but not
necessarily, affect retrieval results).

To search over the full document, call up the pdf file at the Printable copy link, then
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Similarly, to search on individual sections of the document called up through
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Then open the search box by keying CTRL + F simultaneously on the keyboard or,
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possibilities present in the search box and select if appropriate. Click through the
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Examples: A simple search might be the conducted for an uncommon word
remembered from the title of a novel (e.g., Drina), for the surname of an author (e.g.,
Kinsman), for a word in a publisher name (e.g., Stubblejumper), for a publication year
(e.g., 2006, for any occurrence of that year in the list), or for several words in sequence
(e.g., the institutional name, National Film Board of Canada). Note that a string search
will retrieve all occurrences, whether they be in the citation or annotation notes.